Why is Contabo so cheap?

by Mohammed March 29, 2021
Why is Contabo so cheap

Contabo is the preferred hosting service provider globally because it is not just cheap but also efficient and customer focused. The quality of hosting provided at Contabo is unbeatable, and that’s what makes them several steps ahead of their competitors.

Contabo is a German Company that offers a wide variety of hosting packages at irresistible prices. They have a network of multiple data center locations, which consists of 1000+ servers utilized by businesses worldwide.


3 Benefits of Choosing Contabo

    • Globally Acclaimed

Established back in 2003 in Germany, Contabo has successfully reached every part of the globe very quickly. With its customer-centric, dedicated, and quality-rich services, Contabo has diversified into a number of hosting solutions and packages to suit every requirement. When you choose Contabo, you are opting for a recognized name in the Server and Hosting domain.


    • Reliable & Recognized

Contabo guarantees a 99.9% uptime for all its servers, whether you choose a VPS or a VDS. It is a leader in providing efficient and flexible hosting packages to businesses across the world. What makes it different from its competitors is that it is so cheap and widely available. Some people don’t believe that it’s for real!


    • Variety of Options

With Contabo, you don’t have to settle. You will be spoilt for variety. The hosting packages in Contabo are designed for every possible requirement you might have, whether you are looking for more storage, more performance, or both at once.

The special hosting packages at Contabo are also available at affordable rates. You don’t have to pay for extra storage or performance boosters at any time.



Why is Contabo so cheap?

Contabo believes in making the best use of technology and optimizing it for better results. At Contabo, they manage the load on their servers with the help of proprietary optimization scripts.

This helps Contabo ensure a stable performance for its customers across the world and at an excellent price!

Contabo has been practicing sustainability ever since its inception in 2003. The logistics and warehouse management of Contabo are optimized and streamlined to ensure minimal wastage.

It not only helps the environment but also allows Contabo to offer unbeatable prices to its customers.


    1. Selecting the Right Hardware

While many big companies shell out vast amounts of money in purchasing inefficient hardware, the experts at Contabo not only ensure an optimal relation between the purchase price and performance offered but also the energy efficiency and the durability of every hardware component used at Contabo.

This makes for a long-lasting hardware solution that is affordable to operate and manage. This in turn translates into lower costs for Contabo and enables Contabo to offer lower prices to its customers. 


    1. A Lean Approach

It is widely known that Germans know the worth of every Euro they spend. And at Contabo, this thought process runs in their DNA. They think twice before spending every Euro and make it a worthy and lasting purchase. Even though Contabo is a global company, they cut costs right at the roots.

They prefer investing in innovative quality solutions for their customers rather than investing in premium office locations or expensive company cars. The CEO of Contabo shares his room with three other people! This lean approach at the heart of every employee, including the management, enables them to provide the prices as low as they do to their customers! 


    1. Scale & Standardization

Whenever a company scales itself, it expands its offerings and comprises the quality. But at Contabo, they serve the BEST quality solutions along with the BEST price, thanks to the fully unified hardware platforms located across their Data Centers around the world. Thus, they can secure effective discounts on their purchase prices, which translates into lower prices for their customers.

In this manner, Contabo also saves its money, time, and other resources that are required for frequent maintenance. Contabo prices are effectively low because of the positive effects that of scaling. 


What is the price range of Contabo?

 The prices of Contabo VPS start at less than €4 per month. Its unique packages are designed to enable businesses to choose the best package according to their budget and requirement.


Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

When it comes to VPS, Contabo provides four different packages with further variations in them. While each package is designed with unique perks, each VPS package is characterized by full virtualization, fast provisioning, and a 100% fast SSD.


    • High-Performance VPS

Contabo provides attractive and affordable, high-performing VPS solutions with complete root access under the High-Performance VPS Package.  


    1. VPS S SSD

Priced at €4.99 per month, this package provides you an ample storage space of 200 GB SSD, 8 GB RAM with 4vCPU cores, and 200 Mbit/s port. You can take one snapshot per month with this package.


    1. VPS M SSD

 Costing only €8.99 per month, this package provides you a mammoth 400 GB SSD, 16 GB RAM with 6vCPU cores processing, and 400 Mbit/s port. You can take two snapshots per month with this package.


    1. VPS L SSD

At €14.99 per month, this VPS L SSD package provides you with an 800 GB SSD, 30 GB RAM with 8 vCPU cores processing, and 600 Mbit/s port. You can take up to three snapshots per month with this package.


    1. VPS XL SSD

You can also opt for the XL package at €26.99 every month. This VPS package possesses 60 GB RAM, with 1.6 TB SSD. Loaded with 10v CPU cores, you can take up to four snapshots per month in this VPS XL package. 


    • Storage Optimized VPS

Contabo has designed various storage optimized packages for the businesses seeking a vast storage capacity at affordable prices. 


    1. VPS 300 

Priced at a modest €3.99 per month, the VPS 300 package gets you access to a 300 GB HDD, 4 GB RAM, and 2 vCPU Cores with 100 Mbit/s Port 


    1. VPS 700 

With an affordable package of €7.99 per month, the VPS 700 allocates a mega 700 GB HDD, 100 Mbit/s Port, 10 GB RAM, and 4vCPU Cores at 100 Mbit/s Port. 


    1. VPS 1400 

Costing only €12.99 per month, the VPS 1400 package gives you access to 6 vCPU cores, 1.4 TB HDD, 1 Gbit/s Port, and 20 GB of RAM.


    • Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS)

When you wish to combine the fast speed of virtual servers and the multiple power of dedicated servers, you must opt for a Virtual Dedicated Server. Contabo offers VDS in the following packages: 


    1. VDS S

At just €36.99 every month, you get a 180 GB NVMe SSD with 3 physical cores, 250 Mbit/s Port and 24 GB RAM.


    1. VDS M

 With this package costing €47.99 per month, you can benefit from its offerings of 4 physical cores, 32 GB RAM,240 GB NVMe SSD, and a 100 Mbit/s port. 


    1. VDS L

The VDS L package priced at €68.99 per month entitles you to a whopping 360 GB NVMe SSD, 48 GB RAM, 6 physical cores, and a 750 Mbit/s Port. 


    1. VDS XL

Loaded with 8 physical cores, 64 GB RAM, 480 GB NVMe SSD, 1 Gbit/s Port, the VDS XL package is priced at €88.99 per month.



Is Contabo VPS good?

Why is Contabo so cheap VPS

Contabo VPS is the preferred choice for people looking for excellent quality VPS at the best prices. Several features of Contabo VPS set it apart from its competitors. 


Here are a few of the reasons why Contabo VPS is the right choice for your needs:


    1. Enhanced Quality

Contabo is a frontrunner in the race of best quality VPS servers across the world. It employs a remarkable German quality ever since it was founded in 2003. Contabo is committed to serving all its customers with the best quality VPS servers.


    1. Wide Range of Operating System options

You have the option to choose from several Linux distributions such as CENTOS, Ubuntu, Debian, and others. You can also have a Windows Server according to your preference.


    1. Easy Upgrade Facility

If you need to upgrade your VPS server at any point, you can do that very quickly. Using the Contabo Customer Control Panel, you can access the administration settings of your VPS. On the page, you can easily manage and upgrade your plan as per your needs. 


    1. Customer Control Panels for easy administration

Even if you are not a technical expert, with Contabo, you can manage your VPS very easily. Contabo offers a dedicated and user-friendly Customer Control Panel to every customer so that they can administer their VPS with maximum ease. 


    1. Snapshot Feature

With Contabo’s High-Performance VPS, you can create a snapshot of your system at any time.

Confused? It simply means that you can store your system’s current state before running any programs or updates on your system without the risk of losing data or system settings due to risky elements.

The system’s backup gets stored in the server with the snapshot. What’s more is that you can create the snapshot yourself through the Contabo Customer Control Panel by using the “Create a Snapshot” button and reverse your system to the saved snapshot by using the “Restore” button. 


    1. Quality Hardware for High Performance

With 20 years of experience in running VPS and offering VPS services to a global clientele, Contabo knows the type of hardware that can deliver a high performance and be reliable as well as long-lasting. High-quality components such as Intel and AMD CPUs are used to offer high-quality VPS services to the clients.


    1. Virtualization

Contabo utilizes some of the best technologies like KVM and Proxmox for the orchestration of its virtualization. These technologies have a long-standing reputation for being reliable and stable.

Other than these technologies, Contabo also invests in proprietary technology for optimizing each host system. Due to the consistent monitoring of load, it is possible for Contabo to cluster the VPS of varying usage patterns for the best output. 


    1. Global Availability

Contabo operates its data centers in various key locations across the globe. With over 4 data centers across 2 major regions of the Americas and Europe, even though Contabo’s data centers are scattered, they are unified by the same hardware and the same excellent German quality. 



What are the benefits of Contabo?

Here are the top four advantages of using Contabo servers for your requirement:


    1. Excellent Customer Support

Contabo provides support and assistance to its customers 365 days a year. The customer support team at Contabo comprises 65 + highly-trained specialists keen to address any of your queries.  

Not only this, Contabo has achieved recognition from the CHIP Hotline Test, which is the Gold Standard for customer support testing in Germany.

In addition to this, Contabo has received several 5-star reviews from its customers across the world! With a whopping 21000 + requests resolved every week and as little as 2 hours average response time, Contabo prioritizes its customers like no other hosting company. 

Every customer is treated like a king and is prioritized the same. 


    1. DDoS Protection

DDoS attacks are becoming a very common occurrence across the internet, and Contabo understands that. That is why, whether you purchase a VPS or a VDS, all Contabo servers come with inbuilt DDoS protection. It is activated by default, and you don’t have to set up anything from your end. 

And what’s best is that it is free of charge! The Contabo DDoS protection is designed to recognize 99% of attack patterns. It filters them out to keep the server online and available on the internet at all times. 


    1. Best Prices 

Some people think what comes cheap isn’t good. Well, with Contabo servers – what you get is irresistibly cheap AND good at the same time! If you are wondering, “Why is Contabo so cheap?” Let me tell you, making servers affordable is in the DNA of Contabo. Contabo offers servers at unbeatable prices, and this is not just during promotions or occasions. They do this all-year round! 


    1. Top-Notch Approach for Security

At Contabo, security is taken very seriously. They have a trifold approach to security which involves physical security, process security, and customer security. 

The physical security approach of Contabo ensures that the access rules are strictly followed. This leaves no possibility of an unauthorized person accessing their data centers. Also, there is constant CCTV monitoring and access control, based on magnetic cards. 

The processes followed at Contabo are so confidential that they cannot be stated here. But these processes enable Contabo to ensure the maintenance of high security for their customers.

The security process at Contabo can never be complete without considering their customers. Contabo enables 2-factor authentications for its customers for extra-security and relies on the customer’s authorization to any person who wishes to access their account.


Contabo alternative

With Contabo, you get the best quality at the best price. Still, for some reason, if you choose not to go ahead with Contabo, there are other alternative options you can look at. 

Some of them are listed below:


    • Contabo Alternative for Shared Hosting

If you are seeking shared hosting, then Bluehost is the best choice and alternative for Contabo. Bluehost provides free backups with a restore option for its users. It is characterized by a user-friendly dashboard that enables quick navigation. They also offer a free domain for new clients upon registration


    • Contabo Alternative for Cloud VPS

Kamatera is popular for Cloud VPS Servers with SSDs and is a recommended name for its fine services. Kamatera has a 99.95% guaranteed uptime and is massively scalable. It also has a LIVE chat or instant support for its customers available on its website.


    • VPS Alternative for Contabo

A2Hosting can be considered as a decent Contabo alternative for VPS hosting. A2Hosting allows unlimited data transfer and space to its users. It also houses solid-state storage for its plans. It also offers a Turbo 20x booster to get the best speed possible.

You can also opt for Hostinger if you are looking for VPS hosting.   It provides a range of choice of operating system to its users along with round-the-clock support services. It offers low-cost shared and VPS services.


    • Contabo Alternative for Dedicated Server Hosting

If dedicated hosting is what you seek, TurnKeyInternet is the best alternative for Contabo. TurnKeyInternet provides daily backups and a speedy load time. It provides its users with a cPanel to manage their hosting accounts.


    • Contabo Alternative for Cheap VPS

A Contabo alternative, Vultr promises a 100% uptime and offers affordable domains to its users. It gives out a website builder or a free “remixer” and free “WHOIS” to the users.


Final Toughts

Honestly, if you are looking for just one hosting service with better features than all of the above alternatives, Contabo is your best option.

With various benefits such as excellent customer support, cheap hosting packages, unmatchable security management, snapshot facilities, customer control panel, quick provisioning, unbeatable uptime, DDoS protection, virtualization, and a wide variety in the hosting packages – Contabo works to be the best hosting package provider for maximum businesses.

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