Why Go Hubspot?

by Mohammed April 03, 2021
Why Go HubSpot

HubSpot is one of the industry-leading software that many enterprises use to automate their marketing workflows.

If you are reading this, you know how effective marketing automation software can help you get ahead of your competition.

The tool is incredibly easy to use and effective. So, whether you are a seasoned marketer working for a fortune 500 company or are just entering the space, it’s ideal for you.

Plus, it has a free version too; this allows you to get the idea of the software before making it work for you full-time.

Other benefits of the HubSpot include insightful analytics, social media accounts integration, website integration, third-party integrations, customization, communication tracking, and more.

It’s basically an all-in-one marketing and sales tool for taking your business to the next level.

So, using HubSpot, you won’t only save time and resources, but you’ll also make your marketing workflows a lot more effective.

Let’s see what makes HubSpot so unique.


What Makes HubSpot Unique?

While considering HubSpot for your marketing efforts, a question may arise in your mind: What makes HubSpot unique? Why shouldn’t you go for any other marketing software?


It’s an All-in-One Tool

With HubSpot’s all-in-one software, you won’t be needing to read more reviews like this one. Once you get your hands on this one-stop-shop software, you can integrate your marketing and sales departments and manage them all in one place.


It has a free version

Another reason why go HubSpot is that it’s completely free to get started. No matter what business type you are, you can utilize HubSpot CRM effectively, for free.


It’s Delivers Optimized Content

One of the main reasons why go HubSpot is that it delivers content that’s both optimized for mobile and desktop.

So, it doesn’t matter which gadget your target customers are using, your message reaches them in the best form possible.


HubSpot Uses Tailored Content

The software doesn’t just deliver your content, it allows you to uniquely tailor it for individual leads. It allows you to offer a personalized experience to users, maximizing the chances of conversion.


Your Content Will be Optimized for SEO

Inbound marketing is not that useful without effective search engine optimization in place. HubSpot software keeps you up to date with the latest SEO best practices, helping you to win first-page Google rankings.


Why Go HubSpot?

There is a multitude of reasons why go HubSpot. Let’s dive into each of them.


It’s an Industry-leading Inbound Marketing Software

If you want to leverage the power of inbound marketing, HubSpot should be the way to go. It provides the best platform to capture leads and convert them into customers.

The analytics and tracking ability of the tool allows you to tailor your content strategy for every user in their buyer journey.


It Integrates Marketing and Sales

You shouldn’t have to use separate tools to manage your sales and marketing workflows. With HubSpot, you can work on both in one place.


It Lets you Create Converting CTAs

Call to action is a major part of a sales page/email copy. Actionable CTAs maximize conversions, given that you’ve managed to bring the reader to the end of the page, of course.

HubSpot allows you to create an interesting and unique call to action. Not only that, but you can A/B test your CTAs to see which one is performing better.


It Automates Email Marketing

Email marketing brings a 3800% return on investment, more than any other marketing strategy.

Why is that?

Because email is personal. It’s different than a social media feed where you can easily scroll down without giving heed to a marketing message.

A good reason why go HubSpot is that it keeps your email marketing workflows automated. You’ll just have to set the trigger events and your customers/prospects will receive pre-scheduled emails on the basis of their actions.

This not only saves your time but also allows you to maximize your results.


HubSpot’s SEO Tools Help You Get Search Engine Real Results

No one can deny the importance of creating SEO-friendly content. It’s what helps you get space in search engine results.

But, producing content that search engines love is no easy task. Thankfully, businesses can utilize tools to create fully-optimized content to get ahead of their competition on Google.

HubSpot is one of those. It’s probably the most effective as it focuses on generating leads using effective inbound strategies. And inbound marketing revolves around content.

So, if you opt for HubSpot, you won’t be worrying about the SEO-friendliness of your content. You’ll be able to focus on more strategic tasks for your business.


You Get Top-Notch Support with HubSpot

Let’s be fair. No matter how easy a software is to use, you’ll eventually need assistance from the experts.

It shouldn’t have to be related to the software. You may want to get clarity on a concept to grow your business.

HubSpot’s able and helpful customer support makes it easy for you to understand anything related to your business. They respond in a timely manner too.

Plus, there is extensive knowledgebase that you can utilize to get information on any topic.


A Constantly Improving Platform

Not only does HubSpot provides an effective all-in-one marketing platform for businesses of all sizes, but the company continuously strives to become better too.

However, the beta features are for only Diamond and Platinum partners. These features save your time and allow you to achieve more.


You Can Monitor Your Business on Your Phone

You might not be able to sit in front of a computer screen all the time. But, your business is rolling and you need to keep up with the developments.

This is where the HubSpot smartphone app comes into play, which is a good reason why go HubSpot. With the app installed on your phone, no matter where you are, you can observe the performance of your business within seconds.


HubSpot: Inside Look

Another reason why go HubSpot is the incredible number of tools HubSpot offers to its users. Let’s discuss each of them in detail so that you know how powerful of a marketing platform it is.


Marketing Hub

Why Go HubSpot

Before selling anything or capturing any leads, a business needs to attract a sizeable audience. HubSpot marketing hub lets you do that at scale.

HubSpot marketing hub helps you attract prospects to your site and collect their information to retarget them later.

Tools like landing pages and kickback emails allow you to effectively engage with website visitors. In short, it helps generate leads by personalizing messages for each of your prospects.

Let’s see them separately.



 “Ads” allow you to manage all your third-party ad campaigns, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google all in one place.

You can optimize your ads to reach relevant people and know which ads are working. This allows you to minimize ad spend while achieving good results.



HubSpot’s Marketing Hub also allows you to create/design user-friendly emails. You can send email sequences based on user-interaction, improving your conversion rate.



hubspot social media management

Social media platforms have been a great help for businesses. You can now reach potential customers without having to spend your marketing budget.

HubSpot’s marketing hub allows you to connect your social accounts and manage them from one dashboard. This also minimizes the effort required from you and increases efficiency.

Here are a few benefits of using HubSpot’s social media integration:

You’ll be able to connect your social media accounts and directly publish content on all of them from one place.

HubSpot provides you with tools that help you track your brand mentions on social media. You will know when someone mentions your brand, providing you an opportunity to be more visible to them.

Another reason why go HubSpot social is that you get in-depth reports on how your campaigns are working. This allows you to optimize your social media campaigns for maximum results.


Landing Pages:

Why Go HubSpot landing page

Not only that, but HubSpot also allows its users to create beautiful landing pages to convert visitors into customers.

You can create personalized landing pages, analyze their performance, and keep on improving your results.



Why Go HubSpot blog


Blogging is an excellent way for businesses to deliver their message and attract prospects. The good thing about blogging is that it doesn’t push anyone to buy anything.

If the content is valuable, useful, and interesting, people will be drawn towards your business like a moth to a flame.

HubSpot’s blog feature is a great way to capture high-quality leads. You can set up your business blog right within the Marketing Hub of HubSpot without any technical skills.


Files and Templates:

Why Go HubSpot


HubSpot’s “Files and templates” tool enables you to design your website using premade templates and upload files (e.g. videos) to them.


Lead Capture:

 The lead capture tab of HubSpot helps capture leads withattractive call-to-action and lead forms.


Planning and Strategy:

Why Go HubSpot


The “Planning and strategy” tab helps you build a campaign for scratch, keep a tab on them, analyze and  improve your website’s SEO, and manage projects.

This was all about “Marketing Hub”.


Sales hub

sales hub

The sales hub allows you to close your deals efficiently. The tool offers sales automation to achieve more in less time with less effort.

Let’s take a look at them.



Deals help you track your revenue. You can create a deal whenever your prospect takes an action that may lead to a sale.



Forecasting models tell you how your deals are working, allowing you to plan accordingly.



marketing tasks automation

Tasks in HubSpot Sales help you accomplish daily goals. They are associated with companies, contacts, or deals in HubSpot. An example of a task could be “Email HubSpot” or “Follow up with X deal”.



You can also send documents to your HubSpot contacts to see which ones resonate with them, helping the sales process.



Setting meetings can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. You can avoid that by allowing your customers/prospects to select the time. Just integrate your calendar in HubSpot.



HubSpot playbooks are methods and techniques that you’ll rely on to get a job done. You can create and manage these methods in the “Playbook” section of the Sales Hub. Playbooks help you identify potential customers practically and convert them.



Quotes are documents with your products/services enlisted in detail. It makes your business look professional and neat. HubSpot’s “Quote” tool lets you create professional quotes and send them to your prospects.


Service Hub:


The service hub is a customer service tool that enables a business to interact with the customer in a professional and useful way.

The “Tickets” part lets you manage customer queries and requests in one place. The “Feedback Surveys” allow you to take on board the feedback of the customers. Feedbacks help you improve your business; after all, they come from the customers.

The “knowledge Base” option allows you to create a frequently asked question section where you can address the topics you think are important for your prospects to know.



marketing automation


The “Automation’ tab allows the user to create email sequences and workflows based on actions by prospects.

It makes inbound marketing easier and more effective.



Moreover, you get “Analytics Tools”, “Dashboard”, and “Reports” options under the “Reports” tab of HubSpot.

Analytics tools help you identify the positives and negatives of your marketing campaigns by providing data.

You can also create your own dashboard and view all the business activities in one place.

HubSpot allows you to create custom reports to observe a specific aspect of your marketing process.



The “Conversations” tab provides an integrated inbox where you can manage all of your interactions with prospects.



Under “Contacts”, you’ll be able to manage your contacts, companies, calls, target audience, and more.



HubSpot’s CMS is a tool that not only lets you create user-friendly websites/landing pages but also allows you to keep a check on them. This way, you are able to improve your website’s performance in time.

Some of the benefits HubSpot’s CRM offer are:



If you are up to date with the latest trends, you’d know how important a website’s security is.

You just can’t afford a security breach these days. Thankfully, HubSpot’s CRM provides effective security and monitoring options, providing peace of mind to the user.



Your CMS should allow you to manage user roles. You should be able to assign different roles to your team members.

Luckily, HubSpot provides that facility. You can easily accommodate more members and build a team as your business grows with HubSpot CMS.



HubSpot not only gives you tools to build attractive websites and ecommerce stores, but also allows you to maintain a fast and responsive store.

As website speed is a Google ranking factor, you don’t want to miss this feature. With a quick-loading website, you have a better chance at winning first-page Google ranking.


HubSpot Allows Customer Segmentation

When your message is delivered to a person who is already interested in your business, your chances of conversion maximize.

This is why it’s important to identify the right prospect and target them with the right strategies.

With HubSpot, you can segment your audience; you’ll be able to target people based on their behavior, age, and psychographic data.


Does HubSpot Offer WooCommerce Integration?

Absolutely. You can smoothly integrate your WooCommerce store with HubSpot. Remember the over-100 applications that you can integrate with the platform? WooCommerce is one of them.

But that’s not it. There are a few impressive benefits that come with the WooCommerce-HubSpot integration.


Manage your ecommerce Data in One Place

HubSpot allows you to synchronize your WordPress WooCommerce data and manage it all within the platform.

You’ll see the data of your orders, customers, and products in one place. This also lets you make practical, data-driven marketing decisions.

Plus, you can easily identify the best customers and segment them based on their frequency of buying and monetary value.


User-friendly Dashboard

A cluttered dashboard is the last thing you want even if you are a pro marketer. Your dashboard should be distraction-free. You should be able to access relevant information with ease.

The HubSpot-WooCommerce integration dashboard is impressively user-friendly, keeping you focused on what really matters.


Are there any Drawbacks of HubSpot?

Gets Pricey

While HubSpot is one of the best marketing tools out there, it comes at a price.

Don’t get me wrong. You can get started for free if you are a small business with few needs. And, the starter plan is only $50/month.

But, when your business grows, you’d need to upgrade the software as well. For instance, the 1000 contacts that come with the starter plan won’t suffice when your contact count surpasses the 1000 mark.

So, as you grow, the price of HubSpot subscriptions also increases. This could be a turn-off for people who are not willing to invest too much into their marketing efforts. So, it’s a good idea to know the pricing if you want to scale later (more on pricing later).


The Contracts are Not Flexible

HubSpot offers contracts for a specific period, say 6 months or a year. And, you can’t cancel the contract or ask for a refund.

While it may not be an issue with businesses that are not in the testing phase, small businesses just trying out their marketing options won’t find it very appealing.


Can You Integrate HubSpot with Third-Party Marketing Software?

The short answer: Yes.


hubspot integration


If you have software that you love using for your business, you’ll most probably be able to integrate it with HubSpot and continue using it.

This is because HubSpot allows you to integrate over 100 third-party apps, keeping everything simple for you.


Is HubSpot the Best CRM?

You have effective search engine optimization in place and your website is getting tons of traffic too. But, what happens next is handled by your CRM.

While there are many CRM software out there, HubSpot is the best one.

Let me tell you why.


It Offers a Marketing and Sales Merger

Sales and marketing are different parts of a buyer’s journey. Marketing involves attracting potential customers while sales are what convert them into customers.

But, who would’ve thought these two different domains could be managed effectively in one place?

HubSpot allows businesses to bring prospects, turn them into leads, and nurture them for driving sales and profit. As we’ve discussed previously, it’s an all-in-one tool for marketers.


It Offers Great Insights

HubSpot allows a marketer to track every move of your prospects and your overall revenue. It gives an insight into your progress, helping you make tweaks in your marketing strategy along the way.

This way, you are able to keep your business on the right path.

These were a couple of good reasons why HubSpot is the best CRM. Let’s see which companies trust HubSpot as their main marketing platform.


What Companies Use HubSpot?

HubSpot’s reliability is evident from the fact that it has been trusted by companies of all sizes. Some of the companies that grow with HubSpot are:

    • CASIO
    • JOBBIO
    • SUZUKI
    • SUBARU
    • com
    • And a lot more.

So, if you are doubting the reliability and effectiveness of HubSpot, don’t!


Is HubSpot Good for Small Business?

If effective digital marketing and sales are your goals, having a cohesive platform like HubSpot makes your work easier.

And, that’s true for every business size. As a small business owner, if you have the budget for it, HubSpot’s impactful tools can take your business to the next level.

Why go HubSpot for small businesses?


It Creates a Cohesive Brand Look

HubSpot’s sales and marketing platforms allow a business to create a consistent and cohesive brand look. Your logos, content, imagery, and tone of voice help create a memorable brand identity.

You can create custom emails, posts, landing pages, blog posts, and website themes to maintain a brand identity.


It Offers Real-time Metrics

As a small business, you’d want to keep a tab on your progress to keep your business on the right track.

A reason why go HubSpot is that HubSpot’s real-time metrics like click-through rate and open rates allow you to determine what assets are performing well.


Better Team Collaboration

HubSpot’s easy-to-use tools help businesses minimize administrative complexities. The Enterprise account of the platform allows administrators to effectively manage user roles and permissions.


Do You Intend to Focus on Inbound Marketing?

It would be a waste of your marketing budget if you invested in an excellent inbound marketing tool like HubSpot and don’t care about quality content.

Inbound marketing and nurturing leads through buyer-journey-based email sequences is what HubSpot is majorly about.

So, no matter the size of your business, if you want to leverage the power of high-quality content, HubSpot is for you.


Why Do You Need the HubSpot CRM?

A customer relationship management (CRM) tool, as the name suggests, helps you manage customers efficiently.

There were times when customer data was all over the place. You’d have to collect it and create strategies around it.

A CRM allows you to manage all the customer-related information in one place, helping businesses achieve more in less time.

The HubSpot CRM helps you get the answers to the following questions:

    • Who are your customers?
    • How should you get in touch with them?
    • How do your customers interact with your content?
    • And more.

So, the HubSpot CRM is for you if you want to maintain a business-friendly relationship with your customers.


Who are HubSpot Competitors?

While it’s a top-notch marketing automation platform that’s trusted by big enterprises, it’s not the only one out there.

But, the real question should be “How is HubSpot better than its competitors?”

Marketing automation is a need of the hour. While it’s not imperative, if you aren’t doing it, your competitor’s will. This leaves you with no other choice if you want to get ahead.

Let’s first weigh the pros and cons of HubSpot before jumping into its competitors. This will allow you to better compare it with others.


HubSpot Pros:

    • Easy to use
    • Detailed learning material and certification courses
    • Everything that you need for your business marketing automation
    • Offers a free CRM
    • Ever-evolving software
    • Powerful enterprise features


HubSpot Cons:

    • Requires contracts
    • Doesn’t allow A/B testing in the basic packages


Marketo offers a single email marketing tool that allows email automation and nurturing. And, although you can integrate other tools that can help with sales and marketing, they require additional costs.

And, Marketo requires more technical knowledge that smaller businesses might not have.     



Pardot is a reliable B2B marketing automation software developed by Salesforce. If you are using Salesforce already, adapting Pardot into your marketing efforts would be a good option.

However, the limited social media scheduling capability, no built-in CMS, and difficult landing page creation may prove to be a turn-off for most.



InfusionSoft is another powerful marketing automation software that stands against HubSpot. The platform offers easy sales solutions at an affordable entry price.

However, a growing business might need to run more complex campaigns, which is not what InfusionSoft would be ideal for. And, it’s a little complicated as well.


Act-On is another HubSpot competitor that offers a variety of marketing automation solutions without breaking the bank.

However, the basic plan doesn’t offer effective contact segmentation. And, the tool doesn’t offer social media stats.


HATCHBUCK is a relatively new player in the marketing automation industry. The platform provides a multitude of marketing tools like sales automation, email marketing, and CRM.

A good thing about HATCHBUCK is that it offers great customer support. However, you may face some problems with CRM and integrations.


These were a few of the many competitors HubSpot has. While every tool provides effective marketing solutions, I don’t think anyone offers what HubSpot does.

HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing and sales platform, a quality that’s rare to find in any of its competitors. Plus, it’s easy to use, effective and provides the businesses with detailed learning resources on how to use its tools effectively.


HubSpot Pricing

hubspot pricing

HubSpot has something for everyone. The platform offers marketing solutions for a beginner solopreneur as well as a multinational giant.

If you are still wondering “Why go HubSpot?” you can start with HubSpot for free. You will have nothing to lose, right?

And, as you grow, you can opt for its advanced plans. Growth will also add to your marketing budget, after all.

Let’s take a look at the different plans HubSpot has to offer.


Starter ($50/month)

The starter package is ideal for beginner entrepreneurs and small businesses. Although you can track leads, customize forms, and more, it’s not something you would want to stick to when your business grows.

It includes 1000 contacts. You can add more at 1000 contacts/$20.


Professional (Starts $800/month, bills annually)

The professional plan adds to the basic starter plan and lets you run inbound marketing campaigns at scale.

For example, you can send automated email sequences based on user behavior. So, you’d be able to pre-schedule a list of emails and forget about it.

The plan includes 1000 contacts and charges $50 for additional 1000 contacts.


Enterprise (Starts $3000/month, bills annually)

The Enterprise plan offers 10,000 contacts and additional features suitable for large corporations with lots of leads coming in regularly.

You’d be charged an additional $10 for every 1000 contacts in this plan too.

In addition to premium tools, the Enterprise plan includes 1-on-1 training, technical consultation, marketing training, and more.


Final Thoughts

An all-in-one marketing and sales platforms like HubSpot are rare. Sure, there are competitors that offer similar services, but you’d have to shuffle between multiple ones.

You’d have to face issues with integration, inconsistent branding, and limited capabilities to grow your business.

A major reason why go HubSpot is that you won’t be worrying about scaling your business. The platform provides training courses and consultations to help you grow.

Moreover, you can start for free. HubSpot’s pay-as-you-grow plans keep your marketing expenditure in line with your business growth.

Whether you are a small business or a multinational enterprise, HubSpot has tools and plans for every size.

But, keep in mind that the platform is majorly focused on inbound marketing and lead generation via quality content.

So, if you want to create a long-term business relationship with your prospects using the power of content and inbound marketing strategies, HubSpot is for you.

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