What data are Google analytics goals unable to track?

by Mohammed March 03, 2021

What data are Google analytics goals unable to track?

      • Click per page
      • Purchase an item
      • Customer’s lifetime value (correct answer)
      • Play a game


What data are Google analytics goals unable to track? The answer is “Customer’s lifetime value” Because lifetime value is a metric. It is not a goal that you can set up and track in your google analytics account.

Customer’s lifetime value is what Google analytics goals unable to track. It is not defined as an objective in Google analytics goals.

Google Analytics goals are used to track a specific action on your website that is called a conversion.

 A goal is a specific action taken on your website by the user. It can be in many types, like purchase an item, read an article, subscribe to the newsletter, download some information, etc.


What are Google analytics goals?

Goals are the completion of a specific action that a website causes its user to do. When a visitor goes on a website, he/she has to take action.

It can be a purchase of an item or subscription for a newsletter or email. Or promotion updates etc. These are called business goals. And then there are other Google analytics goals.

It is often referred to as conversion in Google analytics when a specific activity is completed. Google analytics goals let you record the accomplishment of specified target aims of your website.

Interactions on the website are expressed as goals in Google analytics. You can define specific actions as four types of Google analytics goals. Destination, Duration, Pages/screens per session, and Event.


Google analytics goals



How to set up goals in Google analytics?

To set up Google analytics goals, first you have to have a Google Analytics account.

First, sign in to your Google Analytics account. In the left panel, go to option Admin. Then create an account then go to the view you want. Then click new goal to configure your goals.

In the new goal section, there are already set templates and a custom option. Either select from the set of templates or use the custom option.

Preset templates there are 4 set templates Revenue, Acquisition, Enquiry, and Engagement.


Each template has a pre-configured setting.  In the custom option, you have to name the Goal and select the type of goal. You can set up to 20 goals for the recent view in Google analytics.




Importance of tracking in a digital marketing strategy

If you want a successful online business, you have to track everything. Without data, it is just a random idea or an opinion.

However, if you have the details and statistics of each aspect of your online presence, then it is better understood, and there is more chance to succeed.

To improve your strategies, you have to know where the weaknesses are and where improvement is needed.

Whether changes are required in meeting a specific objective or not. Reliable decisions are not possible without data.

Analyze the problem and treat it. If it is diagnosed incorrectly, it will not get improved.

Tracking is essential to check whether you are going in the right direction or not.

Starting with “where the target audience is coming from” and “how much time is spent on the website”, whether it resulted in the conversion or not, all this information is vital for the success of a digital business.

ROI, Conversion rate, click-through-rate, and leads are essential to track to check if the marketing campaigns are successful or not.

Return on investment (ROI) is the key to check the success of an online business. High-quality leads are highly important to understand the ROI of a business.

High-quality leads are those leads that are resulted in sales and consequently generated revenue for the organization.

Understanding your client’s demographics is also necessary to track. It will give you information about your client’s age, location, personal preferences, and gender.

So you will get to know which age group or gender is interested in your site. That way, you can identify who is your ideal customer, and it will definitely help you in future marketing campaigns.

At some point in the year, a product goes high on sales. Tracking gives you an idea of when to start marketing a product or when to launch so you can get maximum benefit.

It is essential to know what is in trends during different seasons, for example; thanksgiving, Christmas, and black Friday.

Leads quantity and quality are equally important to track. From Quantity, you will know the most of the traffic to the website is coming, and quality leads are those that will give you sales and profits.

Build a comment section and a forum for the clients, so it is easy to understand the interests and dislikes of the clients. Start blog posts on topics that your audience is interested in.

This will increase the chance to fulfill the objectives of the business.

Data itself is not important but how you use this report is crucial for digital business.

Analyze the data collected throughout the time will result in a better understanding of future marketing campaigns and increase business ROI. The effective use of tracking reports can turn the table upside down.


 Limitations of tracking

Nowadays, spam is not only restricted to the email inbox, but it is widely spread through the internet, it is on websites, and also on social media. Machines are being used to load websites with fake visitors and Bots.

Google analytics can’t define if the traffic recorded is a bot or a real person. So, sometimes it can give a false estimate of the conversion rate.

Bot traffic can misrepresent the measured values in Google analytics. Spam and Bot traffic can take over ten or even 20 percent of the evaluated conversion rate on websites.

Google Analytics calculates the time on a specific page only when the user goes to the second page. If a user does not click on the next page, Google shows 0 seconds as the time per page.

Google evaluates in this way till the visitor goes to the final page.

Again Google does not know how much time is being spent by the visitor on the final page. The reason for this is that there is no next page.

The time spends on one page, and the final page is not included in the time spent on the website.

Google Analytics needs to run JavaScript code and cookies to load a page. Some of the browsers block cookies from running. JavaScript is also blocked by many browsers.

With these limitations, all visitors are not chased. There are privacy issues also. The client’s privacy is at stake in many analytics tools.


Analytics & TrackingTools

Google Analytics is not the only tool available in the market to track your digital business. There are tools other than Google analytics and provide better features than Google analytics tool.

These tools have more to offer to fulfill their client’s specific needs.



ClickMagick was at first built by a “super affiliate” in order to manage his own affiliate business.

It is suitable for both new marketers and established online businesses. It allows you to Track All Your Marketing, All In 1 Place.

ClickMagick is the only place to go, where you can track all your marketing metrics and keep an eye on your actual results, all in one place.

Furthermore, it is the only platform that allows you to track your offline sales.

You can also track and optimize all your paid ads (google, Youtube, Facebook…), and it can set it up in just 5 minutes!

ClickMagick offers a Multi-Platform Retargeting that allows you to add unlimited retargeting pixels, even if it is not your website!

Unlike other tracking systems, it let you detect and filter bad traffic that comes from bots or spam. It will automatically assign a Traffic Quality Score.

Lastly, the best part of this tool is that you can Try ClickMagick Free for 14 Days.



Leedfeeder provides you accurate information on who is visiting your website. You can connect your Google Analytics account with Leedfeeder Tracker.

It identifies the companies and individuals in the companies who are looking at pages of your site. It collects those person’s data of interest and gives you highly targeted information.

Free and Paid plans are available in Leedfeeder Tracker.


PiwikPro Analytics Suite

It gives full privacy of data that is collected. It is also compliant with international data protection laws. It is used by government and law agencies, the health sector, and finance organizations.

It offers full control of data; however, Google analytics uses the data collected for its advertising purposes. It is not available free of cost.



In this tracker, client’s behaviors are recorded, which allows a business to have a better and improved sales experience.

Objectives like segmentation, feature usage analytics, bug and error monitoring, trend reports are included in the data reports.

A free plan is also available along with the paid plans.



It is an easy-to-use tracker that is best for the customer who wants to be less involved in the technical details and thus focus more on their business.

Live chat, analytics, and customer relationship management are their unique features. It is available free of cost; then you can upgrade to a paid version.


What to choose?

Choose the tracker that best suits your requirement. Write down your needs. What you want to track decides which tracker tool to choose.

And always remember that the answer to the question : What data are Google analytics goals unable to track? is “Customer’s lifetime value”.


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