ubersuggest vs semrush

by Mohammed March 14, 2021
ubersuggest vs semrush

If you want to get deep into the comparison of UberSuggest vs SEMrush? you’re in the right place.

Currently, SEMrush is a leading SEO tool on the internet that is serving millions of websites. And, recently Neil Patel has launched its own SEO tool in the competition of SEMrush, known as UberSuggest.

In this article, I’m going to make an ultimate comparison between UberSuggest vs SEMrush.

We know SEO plays an extremely important role in getting visitors to your website and earning money.

However, it could take a lot of time to do all these things for optimization, and most of the time, you can’t get effective results.

Hopefully, automated SEO tools are available and could resolve all your SEO problems in a click away without consuming any time!

These SEO tools help you to get proper competitor research, keywords competition, and every basic to advance SEO audit of your website that could increase your site’s SEO score.


UberSuggest Overview


ubersuggest vs semrush


UberSuggest is a completely new SEO tool that lets website owners examine all their websites in a very detailed manner. The service was designed by Neil Patel.

If you have ever been in digital marketing, then you must have heard about Neil Patel. He’s the richest digital marketer and a successful entrepreneur of the digital world.

The main idea behind UberSuggest was to develop a service that lets those website owners get detailed insights of their website for completely free.

Yes, there’re some premium options that you could buy to get a better experience and detailed information, but the start-up free package can also give great results for you!

The most amazing thing that I liked about UberSuggest is you can do most of the things without needing to sign up. This concept is great.

Below I’ve written a detailed review of UberSuggest:


Keyword Analysis

ubersuggest vs semrush


The keywords analysis tool of UberSuggest shows you the detailed statistics of Keywords that you need for your website.

In the reports, you can see some detailed data like its monthly searches, SEO difficulty, paid difficulty, and average money that most of the advertisers pay on that keyword.

If you scroll down, it would also show you some more information like related alternative keywords, their search volume, and CPC.

At last, you’ll see some content ideas to work on where you can use these keywords. This specific tool will allow you to easily identify whether this keyword is the right choice to work on it or not.

Moreover, you also see some popular websites that are ranking on those keywords, and you can even view their keywords and backlinks as well.

Overall, this tool can be a great choice for researching the ideal keyword for your next content especially, if you are on a tiny budget.



You’re working hard and making your new content to earn money, right? You’re working on a specific niche, but no one would tell you how much you’ll earn from that niche.

But what if you know in advance about the money you’ll earn from that keyword?

Yes, it’s possible. Upon entering the desired keyword, UberSuggest will also show you an average CPC that most of the ad networks would pay you so that you can easily calculate your estimated earnings.

For example, CPC on funny things like jokes and memes is relatively low, but on techs like smartphones and AI, CPC is much higher.


SEO difficulty

ubersuggest vs semrush

SEO difficulty is one of the important and essential features that are related to the rankings on that keyword. It basically shows you how difficult it would be for your site to rank in respected keywords.

It works in a very simple manner. The algorithm of UberSuggest calculates all the websites that have already worked on that keyword divided by the number of searches in x time.

Moreover, not just calculation, it also considers the algorithm of search engines that how do they work on that keyword, and then it shows you the difficulty.

I’m not saying that the difficulty level is 100% correct, but at least it’s 60-70% accurate and could give you an honest idea of the market on respected keywords.


On-page Website Audit

ubersuggest vs semrush

The website audit feature is provided in most of the SEO tools. In the case of UberSuggest, they also provide you with an advanced and up-to-date on-page audit feature.

This tool will help you to fix all of the SEO errors that exist in your website and help you to increase the SEO score of your website.

If your website got a score above 80, it means your website is well optimized, and you meet the criteria of ranking on search engines. Below then 80, that means your website will merely rank on the search engines.

However, it would show you all the essential improvements that you may need to increase your site’s SEO score and get rank on the search engines.

All you have to do is to enter the domain name, and UberSuggest will handle the rest.


Content Ideas

ubersuggest vs semrush

Content Ideas is one of the most useful features in SEO. This tool is responsible for showing you some great content topics related to the keyword.

It works by scanning all the SERPs from search engines.

You should know that the topics are basically the content topics that other websites have created, so it would be better to make changes in the topics.

Moreover, it also displays the number of total visitors on that page so that you could get a better idea of visitors in that niche.

Note: You may also see some websites with everything null. In that case, the problem isn’t with the UberSuggest algorithm, it’s because some websites block access to other 3rd party services like UberSuggest and SEMrush to get their traffic details and shares.


Domain Authority

ubersuggest vs semrush

The word domain authority seems complicated, but it’s actually the opposite.

The word domain authority refers to the score or chances of a website appearing on the SERP. It tells you how likely the website is to rank on search engines on the desired keyword.

For example, in this case, I’ve used the website fiverr.com. It is showing the domain authority of 92.

This means that there is a 92% chance that fiverr.com will be listed in the top 5 results in the SERP relevant keywords.

It calculates this probability on a different basis, like average search volume, keywords that the site contains, and the trend of searches on that keyword. In the case of Fiverr, it should have this score as it’s the #1 freelancing marketplace in the world.


Top Pages by Traffic

ubersuggest vs semrush


This tool has a very basic function. It just shows you the countries from where your visitors are coming and pages that are popular in that country.

It displays the number of visitors coming from each country in ascending order so that you can manage your website and keywords accordingly.

However, the results may not be 100% accurate, but it would definitely give you a rough idea of where the most traffic is coming from to enable you to manage the keywords accordingly.


Competing domains:

ubersuggest vs semrush


Keeping an eye on your competitor is one of the most essential things that you should do in digital marketing.

You can say that digital marketing and SEO are all about monitoring your competitors. If you do it manually, it could take your lot of time, and the result would never be accurate.

That’s why; UberSuggest offers the “similar websites” feature from where you can easily track all your competitors within one page.

Upon entering the site’s URL, it will automatically show you the respected site’s competitors and their detailed traffic report, top-ranking keywords, backlinks, domain authority, and more other essential data that could help you.


UberSuggest Pricing | Monthly

ubersuggest vs semrush

The pricing of UberSuggest is extremely cheaper than you can think.

The most basic plan starts at 12$ monthly. Yes, only in 12$ you can get premium access, but it’s the most basic premium version.

The business plan would cost you about 20$ that is dedicatedly designed for multiple websites.

If you’re a large agency, then you should go towards the agency plan that would cost you 40$. You can crawl the spiders 10,000 times a month for site audits in the agency plan.


SEMrush Overview


semrush dashboard

We all know that SEMrush is a leader in the SEO tools market, which covers about 70% of the market in SEO marketing solutions.

It is because the company is one of the oldest and first services on the internet to offer real SEO services to its customers.

It’s been working and in the market since 2003 and launched for the users in 2005 because in the past 2 years they were for setting up the tools.

Another big reason for their popularity is that they offer a massive range of features in the free version that other services don’t offer, even in the premium version, which makes it the best SEO companion for your website.

Although the data and statistics in SEMrush aren’t completely 100% correct, at least its accuracy is much higher than any other company.

However, the pricing of SEMrush is much higher. But still, it’s a true beast in comparison to UberSuggest.

Below I’ve written a detailed review on SEMrush as well:


Domain Overview

domain overview


The domain overview feature allows you to perform a deep scan of any website. Upon entering the URL of the homepage of the website, it would give you a complete detailed report of that website.

On the top of the page, you can filter the location of your website to get detailed traffic reports in each country.

Not just that, it also allows you to shift between desktop or mobile mode for more clear details.

On the lower page below the country filter, you can see all the necessary traffic reports like organic traffic, paid traffic, and advertising history.

If you scroll down, you can see the top countries from where most of the traffic is coming from in ascending order.

Moreover, it shows every detail of information regarding the website you entered that could help you to get better insights into your website’s performance.


Domain Authority

Here the domain authority refers to the % of a ranking of that website on the search engines.

For example, if the users searched for something on Google that is related to that site’s niche. Then if the domain authority of that website is 90, it means there would be about 90% chances that the website would rank on the top 5 SERPs.

This score is calculated on different factors like average traffic, SEO optimization of that website, loading speed, and many other factors that affect the domain authority score.

In comparison to UberSuggest, which is dependent on MOZ, SEMrush has its own algorithm that calculates this score. And it’s more accurate.


Organic Research and Competitors

organic research

Organic research is your website’s performance without any kind of promotion.

It refers to the amount of traffic that a website is getting from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Organic research for every website matters the most because without it, you could never get visitors, hence, no leads.

However, you can do paid promotion, but people merely click on the ads or promote results on SERP.

About 95% of people would only click on the organic results from search engines because they know that paid links are not organic.

In SEMrush, you can have a detailed look at your entire traffic from organic searches. You can view keywords on which your website is ranking and many other important data that you may want for your website.

One of the main benefits of SEMrush is that it enables you to track all your competitors on organic research.

The system would automatically show your competitors upon entering the URL. You can view and compare their organic traffic with your website as well.


Keyword Magic Tool:

keyword magic tool

One of the best and the most used tools in SEMrush is its keyword magic tool.

Now, what is the keyword magic tool? It is a tool that saves your time and struggles in building your dream keywords list.

You just need to type in the basic keyword, choose your targeted country, and the rest will be done by the SEMrush tool itself.

SEMrush provides access to the world’s fastest database of over 20 billion keywords, and 17 billion URLs written per day.

It also examines the data for you and provides you with quick suggestions on SEO, Advertising, and Content Marketing.

Upon entering the desired keyword for your new content, the system will automatically show you some most popular and highly searched keywords relevant to the keywords you entered.

Moreover, it also shows the total search history of those keywords and the number of pages that are already playing in that respected keyword.


Competitor Finder:


This is a tool mainly formulated for knowing what keywords are used by your competitor.

When you enter the URL of the website that you want to assess, the software would automatically examine the full website and provide you with an accurate report of how many visitors they receive from the organic and paid searches in percentage.

This tool helps you by letting your website rank more effortlessly. It might not provide you with 100 percent accurate data, but it gives you enough data to analyze how your opponent’s site works.

I would highly recommend this tool if you want to get a detailed report about your competitors and want to know about their strategies.


SEO Assistant:

seo writing assistant

SEMrush includes a writing tool that helps you in writing SEO content. This tool is totally based on artificial intelligence. It is directly used on the main dashboard, or you can also download its plugin for Google Docs.

It tells the SEO rank of your article. This tool lets you avoid mistakes and write a full SEO-based article for the website you are writing for.

If your content isn’t SEO optimized, then your website is useless and no matter how good the SEO score you’ve on your website. A non-SEO content page could never be ranked.

It’s because search engines always look for the content instead of focusing on the backend code of the website. The backend SEO optimization is only done to raise your content higher.


Backlink Tester:

backlink gap tester


A backlink tester is a tool in SEMrush software that provides you with all the links referring to your domain.

This tool is a perfect source for comparing your backlinks with your competitor’s URL website link and also for keeping a balance between do-follow and no-follow links.

This backlink tester tool helps you to keep an open eye on your competition’s follow links and their origin so that you can obtain links from them.

It will also show you whether the respected backlink is a do-follow or no-follow link, which will let you keep an eye on the balance between do-follow and no-follow links.

Also, this checking tool is helpful when you want to keep an eye on your competitor’s follow link and their source so that you can acquire links from your competitor.


Site Audit

website audit

A site audit is an all-in-one solution to recognize and scan all the SEO errors on your website.

It refers to the scanning of your entire website in a very detailed manner and scanning for those errors and bugs that could affect your website’s SEO performance.

It works by sending dedicated crawlers to your website. They scan your entire website and give the output data to the algorithm of that sender.

The sender algorithm then processes the raw data into useful information, which tells you the possible SEO errors that you need to resolve to increase The SEO score of your website.

However, it may be possible that the system shows you an error. It happens when your hosting provider doesn’t allow any 3rd party service to enter your website, or you’ve blocked all the third-party crawlers to enter your website.


Market Explorer

Market Explorer is a great tool to identify the rank of your website in a respected niche.

It works by scanning your average website’s traffic divided by the amount of the total website playing in that niche and their monthly average traffic.

For example, I used fiverr.com for test purposes. It shows me that Fiverr covers about 46% of the market share in freelancing. That’s how you can find your website rank and the amount of share it covers in that niche.


SEMrush Pricing

semrush pricing

SEMrush does offer its free version, but it has some limitations, and you can only send requests 10 times in a day.

The other features come with 3 cost plans that are Pro, Guru, and Business.

Pro: $99.95/per month.

Guru: $199.95/per month.

Business: $399.95/per month.

The total may differ if you buy a whole year’s subscription.

Before buying a package, the question that automatically comes to mind is that:

Is SEMrush good enough? The answer is yes!

In comparison with UberSuggest, and many other tools, SEMrush is a great and solid platform to invest your money in.


Final Verdict: SEMrush VS UberSuggest?

If we compare both tools with each other, here’s the conclusion:

If you’re entirely new to blogging or any online business, then you must go towards UberSuggest.

You can use most of the features completely free. And even their premium plans are a lot cheaper than SEMrush. However, it does have some cons and limitations.

SEMrush is the best choice if you are serious about your online business.

Even if its prices are way higher than UberSuggest, but you can say it’s a beast as an SEO solution.

I know as your website grows, the responsibility and work increase proportionally.

So, SEMrush is excellent in handling the website with a higher audience base. Overall, it’s best for small and large websites which have a higher budget.

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