SerpStat VS SEMrush: Ultimate Guide

by Mohammed March 10, 2021
Serpstat Vs Semrush

In this article, I will review two of the most extraordinary SEO tools that you can find in the market:  SerpStat VS SEMrush.

If you want to dig deep into the internet and analyze the marketing and the competition’s research manually, it’s impossible. Otherwise, it would be much more practical to use automated software for these tasks.

These digital marketing softwares offer all the tools and services that you’ll need in the tracking of your competitors and on SEO optimization as well.

At first glance, these services almost look identical, and even their working concept is relatively the same. However, both are from different companies, and their packages are different.

You can read their reviews and comparisons, but they’ll always confuse you about which one you should purchase.

Therefore, in this article I’ve made an ultimate detailed comparison between these both services, so that you could decide which one suits you the best.


Serpstat vs SEMrush

Both SerpStat and SEMrush are the most popular services that you could use to make your website and its content SEO optimized.

Both services tell you the SEO quality of your site, how much your content is optimized for search engines and your page rankings in most search engines.

Moreover, it could also help you find the most relevant keywords according to your site’s content, which you could use for paid advertising and other tasks.

Overall these softwares will help your site to make it more optimized for search engines by highlighting the tweaks that it needs.

Here, the keywords play an essential role in SEO because search engines like Google and Bing are mostly based on the keywords.

Their crawlers recognize the content and material on the website, mostly based on keywords. SerpStat and SEMrush, both have the best keywords research tools that you could use for your website.


Why should you use SerpStat and SEMrush?

It’s simple because you need to get organic traffic onto your site that could only be possible when you’ve best optimized for search engine crawlers in your website.

Yes, you can use paid traffic like advertisements on Google Ads and from other paid traffic sources.

But did you know the disadvantage of driving paid traffic onto your site? Upon searching for the desired query on Google, modern people easily recognize which results are shown are organic and paid.

About 75-90% of people, including me, never click on the paid results or links because people want real organic search results, not a paid result.

Paid Searches on Google are highlighted as “AD”, so even if people didn’t find your advertisement, this written form would definitely show them which one is organic and which one is paid.

Furthermore, many ad networks and affiliate networks don’t allow paid traffic; doing so may get your account restricted.

In my experience; search engines merely rank a website with high paid searches and less organic traffic. Most of the SERP’s of Google on the first page are ranked upon the basis of organic searches.

However, it’s okay if you’re running an e-commerce business or selling some online services and your source of income on the respected website isn’t from ad networks.

That’s why about 90% of website owners usually prefer organic traffic sources instead of paid ones.


SerpStat Deep Review

Serpstat Vs Semrush


SerpStat is an all in one solution service for every person working in the digital marketing field or any digital business. It’s not just limited to SEO.

It’s suitable for analytics experts, PPC experts, Off-page SEO, On-page-SEO and all kinds of digital marketing.

SerpStat offers a massive variety of tools and services that you could use to make your website more SEO optimized.

However, their second main focus is to let their users keep an eye on all of their competitors because keeping an eye on the competitors is essential in digital business to use strategies accordingly.

Keeping the track of your competitor is the important part of marketing and you could never succeed without tracking your competitors.

You need to find out the keywords on which they’re ranking, their traffic and traffic sources, so that you can play accordingly.

Below I’ve discussed some of their most highlighted and main features that matter for you because I can’t mention every single tool in this article.

And, if you want me to right more about this tool or want me to talk about a specific area. Please let me know in the comment section.


Keyword Research

serpstat keyword research


The keywords research tool of SerpStat is remarkable and works excellent as well. Upon entering the desired word as your keyword, it provides all the information regarding this keyword.

You’ll see some of the most popular keywords to make your content up-to-date with the search engines searches.

It ranks the keywords upon the search trends of that keyword in Bing, Yahoo and on Google of course. It shows you the most related keywords on the top and even you could see the niche and category of that keyword as well.

Moreover, it also shows the competition level of that keywords, search level, search trend, and average CPC that most ad networks pay. This algorithm is based on the x number of searches for that keyword in the X amount of time.

It’s also efficient in providing you with long and short-tail keywords. Short tail keywords are usually easy to use and have a large search volume, but they are incredibly high in term of competition.

On the other hand, long-tail keywords are difficult to use, and they have less search volume. But you’ll get better chances of ranking than short-tail ones.

SerpStat offers you all the basic and advanced data and tools for keywords research.


Competitor Analysis

Serpstat competitor analysis


The competitor Analysis tool of SerpStat allows you to track all of your competitors easily. It gives you complete data about your opponents and even shows the keywords on which they are ranking.

You can use an automated competitor research finder in which the system automatically finds your competitor on the respected keyword.

If you’ve a dedicated website and want to fetch its rankings, keywords, niche, traffic, traffic source, just put the URL of that website on the “Competitor Analysis” bar to fetch all these details in minutes.

If you currently don’t have a website or you just want to find the top competitors on desire keywords, then just write the keywords on the box. Upon hitting the “Search” button it will automatically show you some websites that play in this keyword and have higher rankings on desired keywords.

Furthermore, this tool is extremely efficient to recognize which keywords have less competition so that you’ll get better rankings on non-competent keywords.

Although your competitor’s data may not be completely accurate, it’s good to get an idea about how they are performing on the internet.

Moreover, it also tells you the ratio between the paid and organic traffic on your opponent’s website.


Rank Identifying

serpstat rank tracker tool

Rank Identifying tool helps you to recognize the rank of your website in different search engines. The search engines include Yahoo, Bing, Google, MSN, and AOL, and you can keep an eye on the rank of your website in these search engines.

All the data that you’ll see there is real-time and accurate because these search engines change the rankings every second.

Moreover, it also provides you with those superior keywords on which your website is ranking to focus on those keywords more efficiently.

The “N/A” in rank identifying means that your website is ranking low enough that it’s neglectable to consider on that search engine.

It may take time to get your site rank on search engines because they never rank any new website, so keep patience!

It’s because search engine crawlers keep tracking the consistency of your work on that website, because Bing and Google don’t want to rank un-updated websites on organic searches. If you keep working on the website, they would definitely rank your website on respected keywords.


Page analysis

Page analysis is the process of scanning a complete page from your website and giving you a report of all the factors that affect search visibility in search engines.

In simple language, it’s just a full scan of SEO on the respected page. It gives you all the reports and how your page is performing in terms of SEO.

Moreover, after a complete scan and report, it shows the problems and errors with that page and how you can resolve them.

For example, it tells you about duplicate content, slow-loading images, corrupt graphics, spam links and many other errors which could down your page’s SEO ranking.

This tool is handy when you can’t find the required error on your website. You can resolve those errors by yourself, or it would be better to hire an expert from Fiverr or Upwork for better results.


SerpStat Pricing

serpstat pricing


SerpStat offers a free basic version with almost all the necessary features locked. You can use it to get an idea of how their services and tools work.

I would highly recommend you to use their free version first then decide whether you should purchase it or not.

The most basic premium version will cost you about 69$, the standard one for 149$, advanced one 299$.

If you’re running a whole multinational company, you can purchase the enterprise subscription that will cost you 499$.

Note that every subscription is for a month, and you need to renew them every 30 days.


SEMrush Deep Review

Serpstat Vs Semrush

SEMrush is one of the most popular and highly used services for all digital marketing and SEO services.

It’s because SEMrush is the oldest platform in marketing that provides digital SEO solutions, and they have a user base of over more than 4.5 million people from around the world.

SEMrush lets you analyze your whole website, web pages and gives you a complete report of your site’s SEO score and improvements that it may need.

This is ideal for digital marketers, website owners, bloggers, and many other entrepreneurs running their business on the internet.

Below I’ve discussed some of the main features that you’ll get on SEMrush.


keyword magic tool

semrush keyword magic tool 

The keyword magic tool in the SEMrush allows you to view the performance of the chosen keyword in a detailed report. All you’ve to do is enter the required keyword that you may want to use on your content.

Once you hit the “search” button, it’ll give you a detailed report regarding the keyword.

The report includes the overall search volume of that keyword, the time it’s mostly used, the average CPC that ad networks pay and many other detailed statistics about the respected keyword.

Moreover, it shows you the top 100 keywords on which the respected website is usually ranking on search engines.

With the Keywords magic tool, the SEMrush will help you find the different unique keywords related to the topic you can use on your blog content or ad campaign.


Competitor keywords finder

Competitor keywords finder semrush


This tool is specifically designed for keeping an eye on your competitors. It works by scanning and analyzing the keywords your competitors are getting organic traffic from multiple search engines.

All you need to do is to enter the URL of the website that you want to analyze.

Then the system will automatically analyze the whole website and give you a detailed report. The reports will tell you how much traffic they are getting from organic searches and paid searches in percentage (%).

Furthermore, it also tells you the keywords from which your competitor is getting organic traffic. This process helps you to easily recognize the market and lets you rank your website faster.

You can also use it to find the long-tail keywords and short keywords for your new keywords. It works by scanning your entire website and then suggests you some top keywords on which search engines coil rank your website.

It also lets you rank your website more easily. Although the data may not be 100% accurate, it provides you with enough data to analyze how your competitor’s site works.


Writing Assistant

semrush seo writing assistant

Unbelievably, the SEMrush also includes a writing tool that will assist you in writing SEO content. It is the only tool that includes this feature entirely based on Artificial Intelligence and frequently gets improving.

You can directly use it on the main dashboard, or you can install its plugin for Google Docs. It will tell you the SEO score of your article, how you can improve it and many other things that may affect the SEO ranking.

Some errors like the wrong placement of keywords in the article, content less than 500 words, use of passive voice, and long-paragraphs may decrease the article’s SEO score.

It also suggests some other popular and keywords to add in your text. You can either add your keywords manually, or it will automatically scan the text and shows you the related keywords that you could add.

This tool will help you prevent such mistakes and write a full SEO optimized article for your website.


Audit Page

This tool is specifically designed to diagnose and analyze any error that could result in lower rankings on Google. The audit tools let you view and resolve any SEO error if it exists on your page.

You can quickly enter the URL or directly view it by visiting the installed websites.

Upon choosing the desired page, SEMrush crawlers will dig deep into your page and show you the complete statistics from where you can view and fix the errors.

Remember that your hosting server should also support the 3rd party crawlers so that SEMrush crawlers can scan your website. If your hosting provider doesn’t support 3rd party crawlers, then you need to install the plugin of SEMrush on WordPress.

Serpstat Vs Semrush


However, it will fix some errors on its own, like optimizing the backlinks on your page, HTTPS security and eliminate error pages. Moreover, it also helps to find duplicate content, HTML and Meta Tags for search engines and corrupt images.


Backlink Tester

semrush backlink gap tester

SEMrush offers a backlink tester from which you can view all the links pointing towards your domain. It also shows the URL authority of the respected backlink to your website, geo-location of the text’s anchor.

These statistics enable you to have an in-depth look at your backlinks so that you can compare your inbound links with your competitor’s URL.

This tool will help you in optimizing backlinks for your website more easily.

It will also show you whether the respected backlink is followed or no-follow link, which will let you keep an eye on the balance between do-follow and no-follow links.

In addition, this checking tool is helpful when you want to keep an eye on your competitor’s follow link and their source so that you can acquire links from your competitor.


Social Media Kit

semrush social media toolkit


Social Media Kit is an all in one package for handling and watching your website’s social page.

It allows you to keep a detailed eye on your site’s social media page like Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter.

You would need to connect your site’s social media account to get access to SEMrush and to use this tool. It allows you to publish the same post on multiple platforms simultaneously with just one click.

For example, you can write a post that you want to publish and select the platforms and accounts you want to publish.

Boom! That post will be published on selected social media accounts in just one click.

Not just that, this tool also allows you to track the competitor’s social media performance so that you can plan a better strategy accordingly.


SEMrush Pricing

semrush vs serpstat

Here comes the pricing of SEMrush. The lowest package will cost you about 119$ that includes SEO, PPC and 40+ more tools. This package is ideal for freelancers and individual website owners.

The standard package will cost you about 229$ that is designed for agencies and includes all the necessary options with Google Suite support and other teaming platforms.

For large e-commerce businesses or websites with a massive audience, the base could purchase the Business package that will cost you 449$.

This elite package allows you access to SEMrush API and all the standard features with 20+ profiles.


Final Verdict: SerpStat vs SEMrush | Which one is best?

SerpStat vs SEMrush : Now the question that appears here is which service should you choose and which one is best?

According to my tests and my vision, if your budget is low, but you need high quality and useful features from an SEO solution service, then SerpStat will serve you the best.

This service will be best if you’re starting, and you need to make your website more SEO optimized.

SerpStat provides some of the best features to resolve all the SEO problems and errors on an affordable budget. You can say it as a mid-range digital marketing service solution.

The SerpStat will be the best option if you’re an individual website or digital business owner because the packages and tools are mostly designed for single users.

SEMrush, the most used SEO solution service for websites and digital businesses, provides some of the most stunning and excellent features that others couldn’t even think of.

Some tools like Social Media Kit and SEO writing assistant do it the best SEO service and worth the money.

If your budget is a bit higher, then you must go towards the SEMrush without hesitation.

However, I know their prices are relatively higher then SerpStat, but the tools and accuracy of SEMrush make it worth the money.

Their keywords tool provides greater accuracy and more detailed data on the keyword. I suggest that if you have an agency and a website with a wide user base, you should go to SEMrush.

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