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Words From The Author


Hi, I’m Mohammed Alaoui.

I was pushed to write this book, first, because I wanted to contribute to the fight against fake gurus and the misinformation available everywhere on the internet.

Every time I open YouTube, I see numerous “gurus” with beautiful cars, big houses, beautiful girlfriends… why are they doing this?

You don’t need to show your Ferrari, your house or your girlfriend to talk about Digital Marketing or any other subject. The important thing is the information you give, not the gadgets you have.

I didn’t say that all of them are fake. But the majority of them are hiding the truth by saying that you will be a millionaire without any effort. This is the business world, and if you don’t put in the work, you’ll never succeed. If it was easy, you would have already done it. So choose wisely whom you’re listening to.

The second reason for this book is that I really want people to reach their financial freedom. If you have money issues, you become limited in life. Money gives you more choices and gives you the freedom to live the lifestyle of your dream.

When I was writing this book, the primary thing I wanted to focus on is changing your mindset and the way you approach marketing and online business.

Believe that this is achievable, that you can do it, and that you can be the best person in your field. Start acting like a leader, put in the effort to be a real one, and always keep learning.

I put the most important information that you must know when you want to start an online business and take it to the next level. I assembled this in a simple formula so you can easily remember it:


One Word, 9 letters, 9 Keys to becoming a WORLD-CLASS Marketer

You pick the word Seduction; you decompose it to 9 letters, with each letter having a key and a concept behind it.

You assimilate each concept separately and bring them together to see the whole picture. It is all about SEDUCTION.

Now, it is your time to Seduce customers, Explode your sales and Reach Financial Freedom.

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