Ontraport Pricing: Everything You Need to Know

by Mohammed December 14, 2021
ontraport pricing

If you want to know everything about Ontraport pricing packages, this article is all you need to read.

Ontraport is marketing automation and CRM software that helps businesses attract and convert more prospects.

However, the software comes with four different pricing models and choosing the right one can be tricky.

You don’t want to invest more than you need to, right?

The good thing is, by the end of this article, you will know which pricing model is the right fit for your business.

Let’s get started.


Ontraport Pricing Models

The Ontraport pricing models are pretty straightforward and come in four different tiers.

    1. Basic
    2. Plus
    3. Pro
    4. Enterprise

Of course, the features and price increase as you move from Basic to Enterprise.

You can even ask for a custom plan if your requirements exceed the Enterprise level.

Moreover, Ontraport offers a 14-day free trial to test out the software before investing in any package.


Ontraport Pricing Overview

ontraport pricing overviewSource: ontraport.com

Here is a pricing overview for all the four Ontraport plans:

    1. Basic plan: $79/month
    2. Plus plan: $147/month
    3. Pro plan: $297/month
    4. Enterprise plan: $497/month

Ontraport Pricing: Can You Pay Annually?

Yes, Ontraport lets you pay annually as well.For an annual plan, you would be paying 10 times the monthly price.

In other words, you are paying for 10 months and getting two months free.

So, if you have the budget to invest in the tool upfront, you could get a couple of months off.

For instance, the basic monthly plan of $79 when translated to the annual plan becomes $790 ($79*10) per year. If you were to pay for the monthly plan, it would turn out to be $948 ($79*12).

So, you save $158.

It’s fair to say that as far as the annual pricing model is concerned, Ontraport is ahead of its competitors.

Ontraport Pricing and Features Overview

Ontraport offers four pricing plans depending on the features you get. In the basic plan of Ontraport, you get almost everything you need as a business except for e-commerce features.

Of course, as you move towards more expensive plans, you get more features.

Let’s talk about each Ontraport plan now.

Basic Plan

The basic plan of Ontraport is ideal for small businesses that don’t need e-commerce features. It provides an effective CRM platform to manage your customers and contacts.

Moreover, you get email marketing features on this plan along with other automation features to automate your business tasks.

The basic plan also lets you create and manage landing pages for your business, helping you attract and retain more prospects.

Moreover, you get to use the platform’s marketing analytics to keep a tab on your strategies and make necessary changes when necessary.

Plus, you get referral link management and fulfillment lists support as well with the basic plan.

However, there are a fewlimitations to the basic plan of Ontraport.

For one, you don’t get e-commerce functionality on it, which isn’t an acceptable drawback if you are an e-commerce business (or going to be one).

So, in that case, you’d need to look towards a higher-tier pricing model.

Plus, you don’t get effective sales force management on the basic plan. There is no support for partner and referral programs and membership sites.

Moreover, you only get a single user profile on the basic plan. It could work if you don’t need to add more people with different security levels.

The good thing is, as a basic plan user, you get a lot of helpful online resources to get started with the software. Plus, there is an active group of users where you can post your queries as well.

That said, you don’t get free support on the basic plan, so you will have to manage the installation and configurations yourself.

Lastly, there is an obvious limitation on the number of contacts on the first tier. It supports 1000 contacts, so if you have more email subscribers, you will have to upgrade to the plus plan, which supports 2500 contacts.

Plus Plan

The plus plan comes with all the features of the basic plan. One of the prominent additional features you get on this plan is the account setup assistance.

However, this just includes a couple of free calls to customer support. You will have to pay for any communication after that.

The most prominent additional feature of the plus plan is the e-commerce platform coupled with payment gateway automation.

It supports a variety of online payment gateways and all standard banking methods.

Moreover, the second major upgrade you get with the plus plan is the business process automation.

Social media integration is an important feature that’s growing in demand. Ontraport realizes this demand and has an integrated Facebook interface.

The platform also improves personalization by adding a custom invoicing module to this plan.

You also get referral program support and membership site support on the plus plan.

In addition, Ontraport improves individual productivity by offering a module called “Automated task management module”.

You also won’t have to worry about security thanks to the additional users and permission profile features added to this plan.

The basic plan of Ontraport had some limitations as far as analytics options are concerned. This one comes with some additional analytics options.

Plus, you get a much better analytics experience on the Plus plan courtesy of the customizable metrics dashboard.

In addition to that, you also get more sales force automation features here.

But, probably the most prominent and important upgrade that you get on this plan is the contacts limit.

Ontraport extends the contact list to 2500 on the plus plan.

But, of course, if the plus plan can’t address your needs as a business, you have other plans to choose from.

Pro Plan

On the third tier of the Ontraport pricing model is the Pro plan. Obviously, the Pro plan offers everything the previous two plans offer.

But, this is where Ontraport starts getting expensive, and if you are not making enough already, it’s not recommended to jump directly on this plan.

You have to pay a $297 monthly subscription to enjoy the features the Pro plan offers.

Probably the most prominent feature upgrade is the extension on the contacts limit. You get a generous 10,000 contacts on the Pro plan.

The Pro plan doesn’t only offer new features but it also improves the ones offered by the previous plans. So, you are better able to achieve your marketing goals with automation.

In particular, you will see a lot of improvement in the marketing management of Ontraport in the Pro plan.

Better management capabilities will help you control your marketing workflows more effectively.

Moreover, the Pro plan lets you add three users to your account, which keeps your workflows efficient and secure.

Another prominent feature that you get with this plan is the account setup assistance. If you are a beginner and could use the help of experts to get you started with Ontraport, this feature is pretty valuable.

In addition, you get a private IP address on the pro plan; a feature that‘s missing in the previous two plans.

As far as the support is concerned, Ontraport offers unlimited email consultation on the pro level.

All in all, if you are a small to medium business, you will find Ontraport’s Pro plan more than adequate for your CRM and marketing needs.


The last and most complete Ontraport pricing plan is the Enterprise plan. It offers all the features that the company offers.

A prominent feature that you can enjoy on the Enterprise level is the dedicated support from a personal representative.

Plus, you get an impressive 20,000 contacts limit. However, there is a downside: The Enterprise plan puts a cap on the number of emails you can send.

Strangely enough, the platform doesn’t put any such limit on any of the previous plans. So, even though you are paying through the nose for being an Enterprise user, you are being restricted.

Most users might not find it restrictive, but if you communicate daily with your email subscribers, it could be a limitation.

You pay $497 every month for using the Enterprise package of Ontraport.

Ontraport Prices: Add-on Services

Ontraport Prices Add-on ServicesSource: ontraport.com

You can get some add-on features on every Ontraport account level. Let’s talk about them.

Bulk Emailing

Ontraport puts a cap on how many emails you can send out on its Enterprise plan, but some users might need to send more.

You can extend your account’s email sending capabilities by using one of three options:

  1. You could pay a one-time price of $99 for an occasional increase in the email limit by 100,000. But, it would just be for a single billing cycle.
  2. If your communication is more consistent and you need a permanent solution, you could pay a monthly $399 for 500,000 emails or $99 for 100,000 extra emails per month.
  3. Some internet service providers limit the number of emails you can send per month. If your email sending requirements are high, you can even get a dedicated IP address from Ontraport. By doing that, you get 700,000 emails per month on the Enterprise level. The setup fee is $500.


User security and user restriction are pretty limited on Onstraport. On the basic plan, you get only one user profile.

The user limit increases as you move to the higher plans, but it may not be sufficient for many users.

If you want to add more users to your account, you can do that by paying an extra $47 per month per user.


On the Enterprise level of Ontraport, you get 20,000 contacts. But, they can be limited for some businesses.

When you exceed that limit, you automatically get 100,000 contacts for an additional $99 per month.

Email Testing and Tracking

You might want to know if:

    • Your emails are getting delivered to your list
    • Your contacts are reading them

Ontraport seed tests let you know that.

But, it charges:

    • $99 for 5 tests per month
    • $199 for 15 tests per month
    • $299 for 30 seed tests per month

Data Import

If you are shifting from any other tool to Ontraport, you might need to import your data.

It’s an essential first step to get started with the marketing software effectively and can be a bit tricky as well.

So, you might need a service that can help you transport your data or re-enter it. You can get Ontraport’s data management add-on service for $150 per hour.

Ontraport Pricing: Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ontraport has a Free Trial?

Yes, Ontraport does offer a 14-day free trial. You can get your hands on all the Ontraport features for a couple of weeks and see if they are worth investing in for your business.

The good thing is: Ontraport doesn’t ask for your credit card information to get you on its free trial either.

Does Ontraport Offer Any Discounts?

If you buy their subscription for the whole year, you get 2 months free. So, you get the software for the whole year by paying for 10 months.

Does Ontraport Offer Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, Ontraport offers a 90-day money-back guarantee. So, even if you are not satisfied with what you get after investing in the tool, you could claim your money back.

That said, the 14-day free trial should be enough to get a good idea about the capabilities of the software.

Can You Upgrade Your Ontraport Plan Any Time?

Yes, you can upgrade to any Ontraport plan at any time you want. You also have the option of add-on features if you feel you only need a single feature and don’t need to upgrade your plan.

For instance, let’s say you want to send a lot of emails in a marketing campaign that’ll end in a month. You could get add-on emails for a single billing cycle.

Final Thoughts

Ontraport is an effective marketing and CRM software that helps businesses attract, retain, and convert their customers.

This article talks about every pricing plan Ontraport offers in as much detail as possible so that you can choose the right one.

Here is a recap of Ontraport pricing plans:

    • Basic plan: $77/month
    • Plus plan: $147/month
    • Pro plan: $297/month
    • Enterprise plan: $497/month

So, make sure the plan you choose fulfills the requirements of your business, at least for now. You can always upgrade your plan as your business grows.

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