how to turn off comments on facebook?

by Mohammed March 15, 2021
how to turn off comments on facebook

Do you want to know how to turn off comments on Facebook and the benefits of doing so? If yes, this guide is for you.

Sometimes you don’t even want your own friends or family to comment on something on Facebook. Thankfully, you can turn off commenting on Facebook and keep yourself free from the worry of unconstructive critique on your posts.

You may also not want people to comment on your display picture. You can turn off comments on your Facebook profile picture as well.

This article uncovers the methods you can use to disable Facebook comments under your posts and profile picture. By doing so, you can put your thoughts in front of the world without any hesitation.

It’s also a great idea for businesses to save time and avoid unhelpful comments.

After going through this article, you’ll also know the benefit and drawbacks of turning Facebook comments off.

But, before getting into the procedure, realize that you can’t completely turn off commenting on Facebook unless you set your post to “Only me”.

Without further ado, let’s get into the action.


How to Turn Off Comments on Facebook Profile Picture

Not all people want to get feedback on their display pictures. If you are one of those, you can easily keep your display picture safe from the remarks of others.

To keep a profile picture safe from the commenters, you’ll first have to upload the picture.

Click on the camera icon next to the profile picture.

how to turn off comments on facebook


You’ll be prompted to upload a photo unless, of course, you have a previously uploaded picture in your gallery that you want to use.

upload profile picture in facebook

Click on “Upload Photo”. A window will open where you would be able to select the image of your choice from your computer. Double click on the image you want to set as your display picture.

how to turn off comments on facebook

You can now add a description to your photo, drag it to reposition it, crop it, and make it temporary. For now, you’ll keep the image to the public. Click on “Save”.

The picture will be uploaded. But, the main step is remaining. Anyone can comment on your display picture as it’s set to “Public”.

Click on the world icon as shown in the below screenshot.

how to turn off comments on facebook

You’ll be able to select the audience for the image now. Check the circle in front of the “Only me” option.


who should see your profile facebook

This doesn’t let Facebook post the image to other people’s timelines, neither can they comment on it.

So, now you know how you can turn off not only commenting but liking and sharing your Facebook profile picture.


How to Turn Off Comments on Facebook Posts

The real question should be, can you turn off Facebook post comments? The answer is yes and no.

You can turn off comments on Facebook, but not completely. Your friends or friends of friends will still be able to comment.

Let’s see how you can turn off commenting for the general public on Facebook. Head over to the top right corner of your Facebook homepage and click the drop-down menu.

how to turn off comments on facebook

You’ll see “Setting and Privacy”. Click on it.

setting and privacy facebook

Then, click on “Settings”.

how to turn off comments on facebook

You’ll be redirected to the settings page. On the bottom left of your screen, click on “Public Posts”.


public posts

Then, go to “Edit” in front of the “Public Post Comments” section of your settings page.

public post comments


how to turn off comments on facebook

Finally, set your post comments to “Friends” if you don’t want other people to comment on your post. Anyone visiting your profile other than your friends won’t be able to write a comment under your posts.


Reasons to Turn Off Facebook Comments

There are a few reasons why someone would turn off Facebook comments. Facebook has become a place where a huge audience hangs out regularly. There are around 2.8 billion active users on Facebook these days.

You’d come across every type of person on this social media platform. While it opens new opportunities for businesses as they can target more people, it can get a little tricky to handle as well.

Anyone can comment on your post if you keep the public commenting option enabled. Your post could get spammy links, irrelevant marketing messages, unconstructive feedback, and more.

A good way to keep your posts clean from such comments is closing the comments for the public and keeping them open for friends.

Another reason would be not to let anyone pass a remark on your profile picture. Facebook has this option to turn off commenting for your profile picture; people can only see your image but won’t be able to like, comment, or share it.

Plus, you would also want to turn off commenting under a post in which you asked a question to the community, and it has been answered.

Another scenario would be when your post started a debate and it starts to get out of hand. You won’t want your post to be a source of bad-mouthing social media.

There could be a lot more reasons why you would want to turn off commenting on Facebook. It would depend on your requirement, situation, and priorities.


Benefits of Turning Off Comments on Facebook

To Protect Brand Reputation

As a brand, you have limited control over the type of comments your Facebook audience leaves under your posts.

So, you can gain from disabling Facebook comments under few scenarios.

While positive criticism helps you get better at what you do, criticism for the sake of criticism can damage your reputation.

Although most of your customers will probably be happy with your business, there is a chance someone is aching to bad-mouth your brand on the next opportunity they get.

You don’t want negative comments under your posts as it would repel potential customers. For instance, someone on the verge of making a decision can back off just by reading a negative comment.

It could also be your competitor veiled as a customer trying to tarnish your business’ image. So, by disabling Facebook comments, you are protecting your brand’s reputation.


To Stay Safe from Trolls and Spams

Social media is home to all kinds of users. You can’t filter/block them out as it’s virtually impossible to identify them. Trolling is when someone posts a comment with the intention of striking up a meaningless argument.

These trolls will discourage your prospects from engaging with you on such posts. So, disabling comments on Facebook would keep the controversies at bay.

Plus, some of your competitors may be on the lookout for an opportunity to put themselves in front of your audience. You don’t want them to promote their own business under your posts as well. Some may not be related to your business at all.

This can be frustrating for your audience as well as for your business. Disabling Facebook comments will keep your posts clean from spammy links.


To Save Time

Sometimes, it would be impractical for you to sift through a long list of comments to identify spam and inappropriate remarks.

Sure, you can delegate the task to your team members, but it would be better to allocate that expense to more rewarding business tasks.

Turning off Facebook comments is a good idea when you can’t allocate your resources to this tedious activity.


The Downside of Turning Off Comments on Facebook

Although turning off Facebook comments can save you time and resources, it can also have a few negative impacts on your business.


Limited Interaction with Customers

Your social media marketing strategy can only work when you are able to connect with your current and potential customers.

There will be customers that want to talk nice about your brand. You’ll be depriving your business of those precious prospect-attracting reviews.

Plus, word-of-mouth marketing is an effective way to get more leads and conversions. A disabled comment section won’t allow your current customers to promote your brand.


Limited Customer Feedback

While you can get in touch with your customers through other media like email and inbox, the comment section is a more convenient way for customers to leave feedback.

Honest feedback allows you to identify your shortcomings, understand customers’ perspectives, and keep on improving your business for the better.

So, while criticism can be a little hard to digest, it provides the real picture of where your business stands.


Should You Turn Off Comments on Facebook?

So, there are some pros and cons to disabling comments on Facebook. But, when should you do it?

When Comments Don’t Add Value

You can monitor your Facebook comments for a while and see if they are adding any value to your business or to your prospects’ journey.

If they are not inspiring engagement and not helping your business, consider disabling them.


When You Don’t Want Criticism

It’s good to have constructive criticism. However, you may not feel like reading anything negative about your business sometimes.

If you can’t take criticism well or get stressed reading them, it’s a good idea to turn off the comments.



This was a detailed guide on how to turn off comments on Facebook, its pros and cons for a business, and when you should turn them off.

So, if you are thinking about disabling Facebook comments, make sure the cons outweigh the pros before doing that.


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