how to rate a seller on facebook?

by Mohammed March 19, 2021
how to rate a seller on facebook

To rate a seller on Facebook:

      • Open the Facebook app
      • Tap the hamburger option
      • Tap “You”
      • Tap “Selling” or “Buying”
      • Tap the conversation
      • Tap “Rate Seller” (top right corner)
      • Select a face (happy or sad)
      • Now, you can choose a reason for the rating
      • Tap “Done”


If you want to know how to rate a seller on Facebook, this article is for you.

This is an in-depth guide about the Facebook marketplace, its benefits and drawbacks, and the products that you can sell on it, among other things.

Rating a seller on the Facebook marketplace is as simple as it gets. We’ll be discussing the procedure in this article thoroughly.

Let’s first see what Facebook Marketplace is.


What is Facebook Marketplace?

how to rate a seller on facebook

The Facebook Marketplace is an incredible platform for sellers where they can sell a variety of products. As a seller, you can post pictures of the products and set their prices. Potential buyers can also put forward counteroffers.

You can apply location, price, and category filters to find a variety of products on the marketplace as a buyer.


How to Rate a Seller on Facebook?

Facebook marketplace allows sellers and buyers to rate each other based on their experience with each other. As you’d be reviewing your experience honestly, there is a lesser chance of fraud and scams on the marketplace.

Let’s see how to rate a seller on the Facebook marketplace.

To rate a seller on Facebook:

    • Open the Facebook app
    • Tap the hamburger option
    • Tap “You”
    • Tap “Selling” or “Buying”
    • Tap the conversation
    • Tap “Rate Seller” (top right corner)
    • Select a face (happy or sad)
    • Now, you can choose a reason for the rating
    • Tap “Done”

That’s it. This was the complete procedure of “how to rate a seller on Facebook”.

Keep in mind that you can’t see the other person’s rating until you publish your rating of them. And, these ratings are only available on smartphone apps, not on the desktop website.

Plus, a buyer cannot rate a seller until they have interacted with the seller back and forth through messages. Whereas, sellers can rate buyers if they receive a single message from the buyers.


Benefits of Facebook Marketplace


Artificial Intelligence Features

how to rate a seller on facebook

Facebook marketplace uses AI features to make selling more convenient. You just have to upload product photos and write the description. The AI will come up with a suggested price for that product based on what similar products are being sold.

This feature allows sellers to set the best price for their items without having to go through the extensive research process.

The marketplace also allocates a category to your products based on their photos and descriptions.


Extended Reach

Facebook has about 2.8 billion users worldwide. And, anyone can tap into this huge potential.

You don’t need a separate account on the Facebook marketplace to sell on it. You can use your personal or business account.

However, you can’t sell everything on the marketplace. There are a few categories that are not allowed. For instance, you can’t sell services like house cleaning on the platform. So, Facebook will review your listing before it can go live.


Personalized Customer Experience

Facebook marketplace puts your products in front of the right audience, maximizing the chances of sales. The data collected by Facebook allows you to target people that are most likely to purchase from you.

Easy to Access

The fact that you can access the Facebook marketplace from your phone makes it pretty easy to use on the go. So,no matter where you are, you can deal with buyers/sellers from your phone.

Targeted User-Experience

Whether you are selling or looking to purchase something, Facebook marketplace optimizes your experience based on your past activity.

This can save your time as you’d only be shown items that you are normally interested in.


Provides Long-term Business Opportunity

Not only can you sell or buy stuff on the Facebook marketplace, but it also provides you a platform where you can form a long-term relationship with clients and customers.


Allows 10 Pictures for a Listing

As a seller, you can upload up to 10 photos of your product to showcase it to prospective buyers. It allows you to effectively market your product by providing every angle and detail.


No Profit Cuts

Unlike many other popular marketplaces, Facebook doesn’t cut any money from your sales, making it a profitable platform for sellers.


Cons of Facebook Marketplace

While it’s a promising platform for sellers, the Facebook marketplace still has room for improvement especially because it’s competing with the giants.

Giants like Amazon and eBay have established their footholds in the retailer market. People who trust these platforms don’t normally bother to sell or buy on others.

Plus, the marketplace doesn’t allow you to sell everything. There are prohibited categories that you can’t sell there.


Why Should You Use Facebook Marketplace?

There are a few benefits of the Facebook marketplace that make it a preferable choice for sellers. For starters, it doesn’t cut your profits.

Secondly, it shows prospective buyers the products in their geographical vicinity. For instance, if you were to look for a car in your area, you could filter the results based on distance.

Thirdly, there is a review system that keeps the marketplace regulated to some extent. So, before buying from a seller, you can read their reviews for peace of mind.


Things to Consider

Before becoming a seller on the Facebook marketplace, bear in mind that:

    • The Marketplace doesn’t integrate with all ecommerce platforms. The partner platforms include BigCommerce, ChannelAdvisor, Shopify, Quipt, CommerceHub, etc.
    • There will be a lot of back and forth messaging with buyers as it’s a relatively new platform.
    • The marketplace doesn’t allow you to sell digital-only products.

What to Sell on Facebook Marketplace? (Top-Selling Categories)

While you can use the Facebook marketplace to sell a variety of products, there are a few that tend to sell better on the platform.

Let’s see what they are.


Old/Refurbished Furniture

how to rate a seller on facebook

You can sell old or worn furniture on the marketplace. While the price will depend on the condition of your furniture, you can strike a good deal and get rid of old furniture at a fair price with ease.

Electronics (Laptops/TVs)

Have an old laptop that’s not in use? Or, looking to buy a new TV and don’t know what to do with the old one? Facebook marketplace is a great place to sell used electronics of all types at a fair price point.

Toys and Bicycle

You can also sell different types of toys and children’s bicycles on the marketplace as they are quite popular.

If your child is not playing with a toy anymore or you have a bicycle at home collecting dust, you can put them on the Facebook marketplace and make some money.

Pet Supplies

Thanks to the modern age and stressful lifestyles, people are getting pets to have a playful and innocent buddy. The pet industry is already doing great. You can leverage its popularity on the Facebook marketplace and sell pet supplies to pet owners.

Handmade Items

If you handcraft items and want to sell them, the Facebook marketplace can kickstart your business. Handmade products like jewelry, fragrances, and other accessories are already doing well on the marketplace.

Home Decor

While it may require Facebook to ship the items, the home decor industry is worth investing in. And, as the home décor industry continues to grow, it can prove to be a profitable niche on the Facebook marketplace as well.


As people spend more time at home these days, home maintenance tools have a good potential to sell on the Facebook marketplace.

Used Vehicles

Used vehicles tend to sell easily on platforms like the Facebook marketplace as there isn’t any dealership fee involved. You get to directly interact with the seller and close the deal.

A few other popular items that sell well on the Facebook marketplace include:

    • Collectibles
    • Storage supplies
    • Art
    • Clothing
    • Baby products
    • Items related to home and garden

How to Sell More on Facebook Marketplace?

As a seller, you would want to sell as much as possible. Thankfully, you can create attractive listings on the Facebook marketplace to win more buyers.

Let’s see how you can optimize your listing to attract prospects.

    • Include a keyword that people are searching for in your listing’s title and description. But don’t go overboard with it.
    • Give details about your product
    • Take eye-catching photos of your listing or invest in a professional photographer
    • Include lots of pictures of a product

What Can’t You Sell on Facebook Marketplace?

You can’t sell everything on the platform. Categories that are not allowed on the Facebook marketplace include:

    • Adult products
    • Alcohol
    • Digital products
    • Gift cards
    • Healthcare items
    • Prescription drugs
    • Tobacco products
    • Weapons


This was a detailed guide on how to rate a seller on Facebook, the Facebook marketplace’s pros and cons, and what are the top-selling products.

Rating a seller is important to keep the marketplace legitimate. If you have dealt with a good seller, you would want others to do business with them as well.

Similarly, by rating sellers, you can let other buyers know about the bad ones.

So, if you want to become a seller or want to buy anything, the Facebook marketplace is a great place to get started.

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