How to find saved jobs on linkedin?

by Mohammed March 09, 2021
How to Find Saved Jobs on LinkedIn

If you want to know how to find saved jobs on linkedin? Then read this step by step guide.

But first, let’s see how you can save a job ion linkedin.


 How to Save jobs on linkedin?

Linked is a great social media platform that is meant for professional use.

LinkedIn is used for job hunt by career builders. Also business owners, recruiters, and sales navigators use this platform to find the best candidates and generate sales leads.


Save jobs from PC/Laptop

The very first thing is to open the pc/laptop. Go to the browser you use for going through the internet. Go to the LinkedIn page.

    • Enter your account information in the relevant fields.
    • Click sign in.
    • Take the cursor to the top bar of your LinkedIn home page.
    • Click on the option ‘jobs’. It has a briefcase icon.
    • Search the job in the search bar.
    • You can add filters to search for your required job. Filters available are company name, experience level, skill, job type, location, and other LinkedIn features.


How to Find Saved Jobs on LinkedIn


    • Click the job you want to apply.
    • The job tab will open in the right half of the same page.
    • Click the option save. And it will go to your saved jobs.


Save jobs from mobile

    • Download the LinkedIn app from the playstore/app store. Open the LinkedIn app.
    • Sign in to your profile.
    • Go to the rightmost icon in the bottom bar on the LinkedIn mobile app.
    • Search for the job by typing in the search bar.
    • Then tap on one of the jobs that you want to save.
    • The job page will open. Tap on the save button and it’s done.

How to Find Saved Jobs on LinkedIn

How to view saved jobs on LinkedIn

How to view saved jobs from pc/laptop/mac

    • Open your laptop/PC/Mac
    • Open the installed internet browser from your laptop/pc/mac
    • Go to the LinkedIn webpage using a browser.
    • Write the sign-in information in the sign-in fields.
    • Click the sign-in
    • Click on the job section in the top bar of the LinkedIn home page of your profile

Jobs on linkedin

    • Then click my jobs at the top left side of the page

top bar menu

How to remove the job using PC/Mac/laptop

unsave linkedin

    • Click on the icon of the jobs in the top bar.
    • Then click on my jobs.
    • Saved jobs will appear on the screen.
    • To delete a job click on the horizontally placed three dots. A dropdown menu will appear.
    • Click the unsave option here. The job will be deleted


How to view saved jobs from mobile:

    • Visit the google playstore/appstore, and download the LinkedIn app.
    • Open the LinkedIn app.
    • Fill in the sign-in details. Tap on the sign-in
    • Tap on the job icon at the bottom right corner of the mobile screen
    • Click on the vertically placed three dots adjacent to the search bar.
    • Click on see my jobs.
    • A list of all the saved jobs will open.


How to remove the saved jobs using mobile

    • Go to the saved jobs by following the above steps.
    • hit on the vertically placed three dots. Then tap on the unsave. The job you want to remove will be deleted from the saved job list.


Advantage of using Saved job option on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has an advantage of use over other social media platforms that it gives their user’s career building and job opportunities.

Its use is worthy of time. Being active on LinkedIn pays you in the sense that you would get a job or you would grow your business in realtime.

All of its features are beneficial to the user. You can find a vast number of opportunities there. The saved job option gives you the following benefits:

Save your time

You don’t have to search for a job every time you sign in to your account. Rather you have the option of saved jobs where you can save a job that matches your skillset and your interested industry.

Consequently you can go on the job application page without any mess with just a click. You can quickly apply for the job that you have saved.


Don’t miss out on a job

when saving a job, there is less chance that you forget to apply. You can see it in the saved job section. It reminds you that you have to apply for the job.

Moreover, you can go to the job application page and see the last date to apply and other information regarding a particular job.



The saved jobs are only visible to the person who saved them in his account. No one can see which job you have saved. And you can apply for the jobs you prefer.


Manage jobs according to the deadline

Jobs are not always open for application. All jobs have an end date after which you cannot apply on that job. Saving a job will remind you of the due date to apply for.

You can manage job priority from the list of saved jobs in the job section of your profile.


Job Safety

To find the job you desire you have to be up to date in all aspects. Your skillset should be outstanding and at the same time you should have the skill to show your talent.

Saved job feature will enable you to save your favorite job and apply for it in one click.


More about jobs on linkedin

The jobs section on linkedin has many tabs: jobs, job alerts, salary, skill assessment, and more. Let’s discuss each one apart:


The jobs that you save appear in this section. You can use this to save the jobs that suit your needs.

You can apply later when you are ready for the job but keep in mind the due date of the job. The job opening are not timeless, they always have a time limit to apply.


Job alerts

This feature will give alerts for new jobs posted on LinkedIn. These suggestions are based on your skillset and profile information. You have to turn on the job alert setting in your profile.


Skillset assessment

In this section, you can add a skill badge to your profile by answering 15 MCQs. The questions will be based on the industry you added to your profile.

You have to make it to the top 30% score. This is the badge requirement.



This is a new feature in the jobs section of LinkedIn. It gives you salary insight for the job. So you can have a better idea about different factors that influence the salary so you can make career choices.

You have to give your salary information to LinkedIn to have this data available to you. Currently, this section is not available in all countries.

LinkedIn is requesting to submit their user’s salary information, so they can build and provide salary insights. They will use this data to suggest factors that influence pay scale, experience, company, industry, and qualification.

LinkedIn will also suggest personalized recommendations based on salary data.


Get selected for your favorite job by following these simple steps:

You should keep some points in mind while making a profile on LinkedIn platform.

This will increase your connections and you can be on the list of shortlisted candidates. Some of the points are listed here.


Professional Profile

A proficient and skillful profile will increase the chance of being selected. Your hiring opportunities increase when recruiters see a quality and expert profile.

Write a description in a professional way. Use an official language to build your profile. Update your work information with time.


Profile Image

The profile image should be attractive. The profile image is important as it will an impression on the mind of the recruiter.

Have a professional profile picture. Don’t use facebook profile picture. You should be dressed professionally and have a subtle smile on your face.

This will increase your profile views. At the same time, it will help build more connections and increase your chance of hire.

Don’t uses stylish, Fashionable or colorful photos in the place of the profile picture. This shows that you are not serious about work. Fashion image reflects entertainment which is not good for getting a job.



You can choose skills to showcase on the LinkedIn profile. Users can choose 50 skills that best describe their expertise in their industry.

The hiring managers or business owners will not look into all those 50 skills. List those skills that best suit your job so it becomes easier for the recruiters to select a candidate.


Value of Recommendation

There is a recommendation feature on LinkedIn in which you are recommended by your colleagues and high-class professionals for a particular skill. You can add these individuals in your connections.

Only connections can recommend you. You should increase your connections and have a good and professional network.

You should add persons of your industry who have well repute. This is a give and takes process you should also write recommendations for your connections.


Job experience

Companies and employers will check the experience of potential candidates for the job. They will look for some interesting points in your profile.

They will also look for previous experience. The past organizations where you work and how much time did you work there are important. This shows your seriousness about work.


Quality or Quantity

Organizations use linked to hire candidates for their growth and to spread their business. How large is your network doesn’t mean that you will get a job?

However, how authentic and good is your connections matters. Research a recruiter before making connections. Quality matters over Quantity.


Ethics is important

Although it is a social media platform, it is highly professional. If you use this professional and smartly, you will achieve your career goals.

Be professional and moral in your dealings with other professionals on this site. This will make a good image of yourself which will help you win your favorite job.


Showcasing the right information

You should write correct and authentic information about your education, job experience, and expertise.

Recruiters will check how authentic is your information. This will reflect your transparency and it will affect your selection for the job. 



There are a huge number of companies searching for a talented candidate on LinkedIn.

It depends on you how you use this social media platform to find a job that best suits and is your favorite one.


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