How to Delete a Google Analytics Account?

by Mohammed July 16, 2021
Delete a Google Analytics Account

If you landed on this page looking for the answer to “How to delete a Google Analytics account”, this guide is for you.

Google Analytics is a must-use tool if you are a website/blog owner and want to use the power of data to grow your business.

Making sure that your website visitors from Google are behaving the way you want is imperative to track goals and set new ones.

And, Google Analytics is the perfect tool to do that. But, there can be times when you’d need to delete a Google Analytics account.

Let’s get into the procedure.


How to Delete a Google Analytics Account?

While Google Analytics offers insightful and actionable data that any webmaster can use to grow, you might get stuck with an inactive account.

Your website or blog remains in your Google Analytics account even when you shut it down. So, you may want to delete your Google Analytics account to clear the clutter.

The steps are pretty simple and easy to follow.

First, you’d need to remove your Google Analytics tracking code from your blogs or websites. By doing so, you’d be disconnecting your sites from your Google Analytics account.

The next step is to log into your Google Analytics account and click on “Admin”.

You’ll see three columns: “Account”, “Property”, and “View”. At the top of the “Account” column, you’d see a drop-down menu showing a list of your accounts.

Select the one you want to delete. You won’t see a list if you only have one account.

After selecting the account, go to “Account Settings”.

You’d then see a “Move to Rubbish Bin” option at the top right corner of your screen. Click on it.

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That’s it. You have deleted your Google Analytics account in a few simple steps.

After you are done with the procedure, Google will send you a confirmation email that your account will be deleted.

But, what if you don’t want to delete your whole account? What if you just want to delete a website? You can do that as well. Your website/blog is your account’s property.

What you can do is, delete the properties you don’t want to continue using. Here is the procedure:

Go to your Google Analytics and click on “Admin”.

Under the “Property” column, you’ll see a drop-down menu that shows the list of your properties. Select the property (blog/website) you want to delete.

After selecting the property, go to “Property Settings”.

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The next step would be the last one. Just navigate to the top-right corner of your screen, you’d see “Move to Rubbish Bin”.

Click on it.

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That’s it. You’ve now deleted your property in Google Analytics and your account is intact.


That was all about deleting a Google Analytics account and property. But, what if you change your mind after deleting any one of them?

Let’s see if you can recover them.                                                             


How to Restore Your Google Analytics Account and Property?

After deleting your Google Analytics account or property, you can restore it within the next 35 days. So, the account deletion we covered before isn’t permanent.

However, if you don’t take any action to recover your account, Google Analytics will permanently remove it.

Restoring your Google Analytics account is even easier than deleting it. You’ll just have to go to your account and find the trash can.

Just click on the account you’d want to bring back to life and click restore.


Should I Turn Off Google Analytics?

If you are thinking of disabling Google Analytics, there are a few things that can make your decision easier.


Bloated Script

One of the prominent downsides of Google Analytics is that it’s a bloated script. It could hurt your site’s speed and, in turn, your Google rankings.

So, if you are seeing a dip in the loading speed of your webpages and you’ve exhausted every other method, try removing Google Analytics.


An Overkill for Most Webmasters

Let’s be honest: Most webmasters don’t require a lot of data to make marketing decisions. Google Analytics is an amazing platform for those that want to grow using the power of data.

But, small companies or individual bloggers aren’t going to get the most out of this tool. It’s a complicated tool and offers too much to handle for most website owners.

Plus, you’d need to invest a lot of your resources to fully leverage the data that Google Analytics offers.


Getting User Consent to Store Cookies is a Must

You probably know that you need to ask your website’s visitors before you can collect their data, right?

Before Google Analytics can track any visitor, it’ll show a pop-up asking them to provide their consent.

This could affect the userexperience negatively. Most visitors only care about your content. The pop-up might end up hurting your conversions.


Inaccurate Data

The inception and eventual growth of ad blockers have made collecting actionable data quite difficult these days.

Ideally, you want to collect information about every site visitor. Only then you’d be able to make the right marketing decisions.

When someone uses an ad blocker, Google Analytics can’t collect their data and store cookies. That leaves a lot of prospects out of your reach.

Moreover, web browsers like Safari and Firefox now provide built-in features to block Google Analytics. And, a large chunk of your website visitors might be using these browsers.

You’d be missing out on that audience too.

The point is, the data that you get from Google Analytics isn’t 100% accurate as it leaves behind a sizeable audience untracked.

So, if you think all of these drawbacks aren’t worth ignoring, there is nothing wrong with deleting your Google Analytics account.

If you don’t want to go to the extreme of deleting your account, you have the option to delete your property (website/blog).

Let’s see how to delete Google Analytics Data now.


How Do I Delete Google Analytics Data?

You can easily delete Google Analytics data of any property (blog/website).

Let’s look at the procedure.

Go to your Google Analytics account and click “Admin” at the bottom left corner of your screen.

From there, you’d need to select the property you need to delete the data of.

After selecting the property, click on “Data Deletion Request”, under the same column.

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You’ll be redirected to a page where you can initiate the data deletion request.

Just click on “Create Data Deletion Request” at the top right corner of your Google Analytics screen.

create data deletion requestSource:


You can then select the start and end dates. You can also select specific data fields to delete if you don’t want to delete all the data.

Lastly, click “Submit”. That’s it. You’ve initiated a data deletion request in your Google Analytics account for a specific property.



Google Analytics is a powerful data analytics tool that lets you make decisions based on actionable data. However, there can be times when you need to delete it.

Fortunately, you can do that in no time. You just need to go to your “Admin” dashboard within the Google Analytics account and select the account from the drop-down menu. Google Analytics allows you to create multiple accounts.

Then, you’d go to “Account Settings” and click on “Move to Rubbish Bin”.

There can multiple reasons why you would want to delete your Google Analytics account. Just make sure you are fully convinced before doing that.

Although you can delete your Google Analytics account or property within a minute, you can recover your account within 35 days after deletion.

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