How to Change WIX Template?

by Mohammed October 13, 2021
how to change wix template

WIX is one of the most popular website creation and management platforms out there. And, its templates allow you to craft a website within no time.

So, even if you are a complete beginner and have zero coding knowledge, you can build a website with WIX. 

But, there is a small caveat: Once you select a template for your website, you can’t change it. WIX doesn’t offer the flexibility to completely shift your site’s layout.

However, you can always rearrange the elements on a web page to get a more customized look.

So, it’s important that you are mindful of a few things before selecting a template for your WIX site. We’ll get into them in a while.

Let’s first see how to change WIX template, or more appropriately, how to select a template.


How to Change WIX Template?

Here is the simple procedure to changeWIX template:

1.       Sign into your WIX account

2.       Open the “Templates” page

3.       Hover over your mouse on the template you want to select

4.       Click “View” to look at its preview

5.       Click “Edit” and make your changes

You can select any template you want from an extensive template library of WIX.

There are a lot of free templates that you can use to build a beautiful-looking website. And, when you upgrade to a premium subscription, you get even more features and options.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about the stuff you need to be mindful of before selecting a WIX template. You can’t switch your template later, so making the right choice the first time is important.


Things to Consider Before Selecting WIX Template

 What Style do You Want?

Think about your color preferences, the fonts you want, and how should your site look like. Also, you want to make sure that the template complements your brand or business.

The good thing is, you can easily find a template that can suit your needs.


What is Your Business About?

What type of business you run also determines the design of your site. Is it a blog? Is it an e-commerce store? Is it a photography site? Or something else?

It’s important that you know what purpose your site is going to serve before jumping into the designing process.


How Much Time Can You Invest?

How much time it would take for you to build your site will depend on the template you choose. Some templates are almost readily usable, while some require designing from scratch.

If you have a design for your website and have the time to create it with WIX, select a template with a minimalistic design.


Can You Really Change WIX Templates?

Well, this is the negative side of using WIX templates. Unfortunately, once you’ve chosen your site’s template, you can’t switch it later.

Also, you can’t use two templates at the same time on one site either

This is exactly why you need to be mindful before you select a WIX template for your site.

What you can do is, edit the existing template to create a design of your liking or build your site from scratch.


Using ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence)

The good thing is, WIX’s artificial design intelligence makes editing your site’s design pretty easy. So, after you’ve selected your template, you can use ADI to customize your site.

ADI lets you edit the colors on your web pages, apply a variety of fonts, and use animations to make your site more visually appealing.

ADI makes the website creation process further easy, which is great if you are a beginner at web design. It breaks down the whole site creation process into 6 simple steps.

With ADI, you’ll be able to design a professional-looking business website with zero prior experience and in no time.

Here is the process:

1.       Choose the style of your site. Is it e-commerce, blog, or other?

2.       Enter the location and name of your business

3.       WIX ADI will then suggest a design for your site after scanning the internet for the relevant information

4.       You can select your site’s style then. It’ll suggest a style based on your site’s logo

5.       You can then review the design and make necessary changes if you want

6.       Then, you just need to post the site online by following the smart assistant roadmap


Why Does WIX Doesn’t Allow You to Change WIX Template?

WIX isn’t as flexible as other website platforms might be. It doesn’t let you switch the template or theme of your site.

This is for an obvious reason. When you want to shift to a completely different template, some of your site’s data will be virtually impossible to adjust. So, it can lead to an unbalanced design.

Let’s say your existing site has a middle column in its menu and the template you want to use has no middle column in its menu.

Changing to a new template can easily distort the design of your site.

But, there is a way to create a new website on a new template and shift your existing site’s data.

All you have to do is, export your “Products” to a CSV file and import that file while creating a new site.


Final Thoughts

So, can you change WIX template? Well, the short answer is NO, you can’t change your existing WIX template.

WIX doesn’t allow you to shift to new templates once you’ve built your site.

What you can do is, select the right template in the first place. Being mindful of a few things while choosing your WIX template can help.

·         What’s your business about?

·         What are your design preferences?

·         Can you invest your time in designing?

Plus, you can use WIX Artificial design intelligence to make changes to your template and create an appealing design.


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