How to cancel LinkedIn premium?

by Mohammed March 08, 2021
How to cancel linkedin premium

Why and how to cancel LinkedIn premium account?

The answer to “How to cancel LinkedIn premium?” depends on individual reasons. This can vary depending on the various priorities of your career or business.

You can subscribe to LinkedIn premium anytime from your basic LinkedIn account. Start as a free trial for one month. If you feel it is not worth it, the subscription can be canceled at any time within one month of trial or after it.

If you reached the goals you wanted, there is no reason for you to keep the premium account. You can cancel it any time.

On the other hand, if you have a developed business, there is no reason to cancel it because organizations and businesses always need professionals and clients for continued growth.

And if you are a job seeker, you definitely want to grow your links and be a top professional in your line.

There are other reasons to subscribe or cancel, the up-gradation fee, the benefits you get, the paybacks are met or not. It is exclusively your personal choice to cancel LinkedIn premium membership.


How to cancel LinkedIn premium?

In case you cancel your LinkedIn Premium membership, your profile will go back to the basic version of LinkedIn. The profile will retain its links and data as it is.

The only thing you lose is your benefits which you are enjoying as a Premium member.

These benefits are Insights, InMail, job listings, learning opportunities, training for interviews, sales suggestions, networking opportunities, who’s viewed your profile for the last 90 days, and its other features at the end of the current billing cycle.

If you used one-month free trial when you signed up for premium membership, the free trial would be available only after one year.

You must check the refund policy of LinkedIn Premium before cancellation of your Premium account. Also, read their billing cycle policy to prevent your account from the next charge.

Follow these steps to cancel LinkedIn premium:

How to cancel LinkedIn Premium Career or Business Account?

      • On the top bar of your LinkedIn Home page, there is an option ‘Me’.
      • Hit the ‘Me’ option on the top bar of your LinkedIn account.
      • From the drop-down menu, select premium subscription settings.
      • Then scroll down. There you will find the manage premium account option on the right side.
      • There are three options here; switch plans, change to a monthly plan, and cancel the subscription.
      • Click on cancel subscription. You will be asked to continue to cancel. Select continue to cancel.
      • Then a feedback window will appear. Select the right option for you from the options given and then tap the option to confirm the cancellation.


How to Cancel LinkedIn premium Sales Navigator Account?

      • In your LinkedIn premium Sales navigator account, float the cursor over the profile picture.
      • A dropdown menu will appear. Click the settings option from the drop down menu.
      • Then select cancel subscription.


How to Cancel LinkedIn Premium Recruiter Account

      • Take the cursor over more at the top bar of the LinkedIn premium account.
      • Click on the Admin settings from the drop-down menu.
      • There is the Manage Account option on the left side.
      • Then select Cancel subscription.


How to stop linkedin premium on app?

The LinkedIn premium cannot be canceled from the LinkedIn app. You should use a desktop or mobile browser to cancel your LinkedIn premium account.

This is important to know that iOS users cannot cancel LinkedIn Premium using LinkedIn, if they purchased it through iTunes.

They have to use iTunes to cancel their Premium status. Apple users have to contact Apple for a refund of payment and review purchase history.


Is it worth it to get LinkedIn premium?

LinkedIn premium is a paid feature of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social website that is mainly used by professionals, owners, business persons, and organizations.

The site focuses on career building, creating social and professional links. A Basic LinkedIn account is available free of cost for all.

You can upgrade to the premium account at any time by paying the annual or monthly subscription.

A Premium account can boost your career. You can start with a one-month free LinkedIn premium trial. LinkedIn premium is mainly created for job seekers, recruiters, and business persons

Each membership can be purchased monthly or annually. There is usually a 20% discounted on annual billing.

There are 4 levels in LinkedIn premium:


Premium Career ($29.99/month)

This plan is for those who are unemployed or employed who want to switch their job. This is meant for job seekers and career builders.

Job seekers want to connect with the hiring manager and human resource persons of the organization.

In a premium career account, there are 5 Inmail message credits per month. You can compare your resume with other candidates on a particular job.

There are learning courses that give a boost to your resume and increase your chances of hiring.

There are on-demand videos available. Other than that interview preparation, and recruitment resources are also available.

You can look for how many times you appeared in searches and the number of people of viewed your profile. Insight and more information about salary and other benefits on job open for application.


Premium Business ($59.99/month)

This plan is designed for company owners and business persons to find clients, sponsors, and potential partners to grow their brand.

The number of connections they make increases the growth of the business.

The number of available InMail messages in this account is 15 InMail message credits per month.

There are Insights and information regarding company pages on LinkedIn. They can view an unlimited number of people through the site.


Sales Navigator ($79.99/month)

This account is picked for sales specialists and marketing experts who want to build sales and generate leads.

There are 20 InMail message credits, insights on probable accounts, and leads on LinkedIn.

There is an onsite lead builder for the ease of account owners and recommendations to promote sales.

This will save their time as searching and making a list manually is a time-consuming task.

Numerous sales tools and advanced search filters are also available.


Recruiter Lite ($119.95/month)

This is meant for recruiters, employers and executive searchers to look for the best possible candidates for their organizations and businesses.

After purchasing this account, individuals can send 30 InMail messages. There is advanced search unlimited number of times.

Members can apply filters to find the best applicant. Smart suggestions for company seats open for hire.

They have the facility of integrated hiring functionality and candidate tracking.


 Basic LinkedIn account VS LinkedIn Premium

Basic LinkedIn account LinkedIn premium account
Profile pic is standard but does not stand out when all have the same size of pics. Larger profile pic than basic account.

Have the advantage to stand out in the list of potential networks

Job application does not get to the top of the list.

Rather it may mix in the list of the candidates.

Decreases your chances of coming in the shortlisted candidates


Your job application gets above on the list than those of the basic LinkedIn account members.


Can only view the last five days.

This means less opportunity to increase connection and miss out on possible clients or employers


You can view the whole list of your profile views for the 90 days
Individuals with a basic account are not able to communicate to the person who is not in their network connections InMail gives you the freedom to communicate with people who are not in your network.

There is a higher response rate than the basic version.

In a basic LinkedIn account, you can search with a limited number of filters. Narrows down the search and gives fine results.

It is easy to search for a job related to your profession.

You can search by top 500 rank recruiters, business size, and rank seniority.

Save 3 searches and get weekly alerts on them More searches beneficial for sales
Search and view LinkedIn members Advanced search filters, company size, seniority level.


Benefits of LinkedIn premium membership

All premium membership options have their own benefits. Premium career makes you increase your connections and find a job.

For jobseekers LinkedIn premium features like insights into your profile views, more job information of a particular opening, and InMail credits are helpful.

They increase the chance of selection on a particular job. In addition to this, a resume builder and a larger profile picture stand you out from the list of other candidates.

InMail helps you connect to managers or viewers of your profile who could be possible employers. You can connect to industries you are interested in. It’s a great tool for networking.

You cannot send a message to someone not in your connection without having a premium account.

With In Mail you don’t see a padlock beside the message icon means that you can communicate with them without adding them to your network.

The importance of who’s viewed your profile can’t be overlooked, you can connect to these people and reach out to the future boss, grow your business.

You can check who is has shown interest in your profile and find possible clients for business and marketing. Sales specialists can increase their sales using this option and connecting through InMail.

Linked-in suggestions might be helpful to recruiters and lead builders. This option is not available in the basic account.

All these features make the premium LinkedIn account worthy of buying. It is good thing that you can cancel LinkedIn premier membership whenever you want.

This option is good for job seekers that after you met our goals you can cancel the premium subscription.

However, business owners, sales specialists, and recruiter’s premium LinkedIn account are a continuous benefit.

Business owners and managers want their businesses to grow continuously. They can find partners and clients to spread the businesses.



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