Affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog

by Mohammed March 11, 2021
Affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog

This article will show you how you can start Affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog.

If you want to start an affiliate marketing business, you are non-techy or you don’t want to waste your time in creating a website or blog! Then, Pinterest should be at the top of your considerations.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and popular ways to earn money from the internet without investment.

Did you know that affiliate marketing is considered the most successful and the highest paying digital business as compared to any other kind of digital business?


Affiliate Marketing without a blog? Is it possible?

Studies show that about 70% of affiliate marketers use blogs or websites to promote their affiliate links and run this business.

However, setting up a proper and professional blog or website for your affiliate business isn’t affordable for most beginners.

You’ll need a minimum budget if you want to create a professional blog and start earning from it through affiliate marketing.

Plus, you’ll need some knowledge to set up WordPress and spend a lot of time writing good quality articles.

If somehow we manage to eliminate that website/blog costs and choose another free alternative way to promote the links, is that possible?

In a short answer, yes! It is possible to start your affiliate marketing without a blog.

How? Through social media!

You can use social networking sites to promote your affiliate links and earn a commission for every sale you make.

All you’ve to manage are the links, graphics, and SEO, and they’ll handle the rest.

Here, in this article, I’ve written an ultimate guide on how to do Affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog for entirely free!

However, you can pay some extra money to get some more attractions from the visitors, but it’s not required.

The necessary thing is your passion and the belief in yourself that you can do this business!

So let’s get into our ultimate guide of how to do Affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog for entirely free!


Why choose Pinterest for affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog


There are other popular social media networks available on the internet, which you can use for affiliate marketing.

For example, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Quora, and Reddit are available and have a much bigger audience than Pinterest.

Then why should you choose Pinterest?

However, we’re not saying to never use these platforms, but Pinterest is the best platform to do affiliate marketing without a blog.

Below I’ve written some of the main advantages of why you should consider Pinterest instead of any other platform.

So, Why to start affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog?


In-depth data:

Pinterest allows you to keep track of every single outbound click and impressions of every Pin you create. So, you can manage which product is getting higher sales and conversions.

At the same time, Facebook and Instagram don’t offer this feature because they are intended for personal use, not affiliate marketing.


Dedicatedly designed for marketing:

The main reason behind the creation of Pinterest is to allow digital marketers to promote their website and do marketing for free without any investment.

If you only look at the design and landing page of the site, you’ll understand that it’s specifically developed and designed for marketing and entrepreneurs.

However, just like other platforms, you’ll also see spammers spreading spam pins, but it’s common in every social networking platform.


A targeted audience and better conversions:

Let’s take examples: TikTok is designed for lascivious people and entertainment purposes. You’ll find all the audience who want to consume some entertainment stuff and not any information.

In addition, on Facebook and Instagram, people came there to connect with their friends and family.

On the other hand, Pinterest was designed for digital marketers, and allow them to market their products through uploading graphical images and inserting their links.

You’ll find all audiences and visitors looking for new products. In this case, you can get more conversions on Pinterest than any other social media platform.


Better SEO rankings on search engines:

I’ve mentioned earlier that Pinterest is designed for marketing your products. Search Engines understand this strategy, and they rank Pinterest products much higher than any other platform.

If we talk about Google, it always prefers and ranks the Pinterest posts on the first three pages. For example, if you search on google “girls dresses”, I’m pretty sure that Google will show you the Pinterest posts on the first five results.

Whereas, in terms of Facebook and Instagram, they merely rank on search engines because they’re intended for personal use only, not for a business purpose like Pinterest.


Open profile for anyone:

The best thing about Pinterest is that you don’t need to log in or sign up on the platform if you want to explore it. It is also open for non-Pinterest members.

They know that your audience doesn’t usually want to sign up, and they are likely to click on the outbound links on your Pin.

If it was like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, if Pinterest forces the visitors to first sign up on the platform before accessing the site, no one would use it.

That’s the best part; your visitors can easily surf to your pins without first needing to sign up.

Suppose your pin ranks on Google, a user clicked on your pin link, and redirected to your affiliate product. It’s great, right?


How affiliate marketing actually works?

It usually involves three groups of people. The first one is known as the seller who will be responsible for selling and managing the products. He will manage all the shipping and the delivery of the product (in the case of physical products.)

The second one is known as the network. A network is responsible for managing all the links, payments and tracking of the links. It works as a middle man between both the seller, and the affiliate.

A network will provide a unique tracking link to the affiliate marketer, and handle all the payments made from the affiliated products.

The third element is the affiliate marketer. An affiliate is responsible for promoting all of his affiliated products to his audience.

He’ll earn commission whenever a user purchases that respected product from his unique affiliate link. The affiliate is the only one who doesn’t require any investment.


How to Start Affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog

Let’s get in the main part of the article.

If you’ve read this article so far, it means you’re interested in earning from Pinterest through affiliate marketing.

I’m now going to mention everything in detail that you’ll require to make money from this platform through affiliate business. So let’s get into it!


Join affiliate networks

Of course, you’ll need affiliate products to promote. You can do that through affiliate networks.

These affiliate networks will provide you with all the links and link tracking functions that you could place on your pins and earn a commission from them.

However, not all affiliate networks accept Pinterest promoting.

So, you’ll need to see whether they allow traffic from Pinterest or not because if they don’t support Pinterest, you’ll not earn a commission from any sale that is redirected from your Pinterest pin.

Now, instead of browsing different affiliate networks and reading their extra-long TOC, I’ve made your life easier.

Below, I’ve mentioned some of the most popular affiliate networks that support Pinterest and are suitable for earning through it.



ShareASale is known for selling SaaS-based services and you can use it to promote any kind of digital services to your user.

The best part is you’re free to use your ShareASale affiliate links on Pinterest, but remember they don’t allow any kind of spam traffic from Pinterest.


Amazon Associates:

amazon associates affiliate marketing

Amazon Associates is an affiliate program created by Amazon. If you use Amazon products for your affiliate promotion, you may get higher sales.

Because this website is authentic and most of the people will already be familiar with Amazon. Hence, you’ll get higher chances of sales.


CJ Affiliate:

CJ Affiliate is an all in one platform created for affiliate marketers. You can find tons of affiliate programs there that you are free to join.

Just remember to ask whether the program that you’re joining supports Pinterest traffic or not. Otherwise, you’ll not get any commission if they don’t allow Pinterest.


EBay Partner Network:

We all know that eBay is one of the biggest e-commerce sites for selling and purchasing of used or new products.

You can join their affiliate network and promote the eBay’s products to your audience on Pinterest to earn commission. Unbelievably, they offer 30 days cookies life and support Pinterest as well.


Sign-up on Pinterest

The next step is to sign up and create your account on Pinterest. At starting, you’ll sign up on Pinterest as a viewer, not as a creator.

To become a creator and start creating Pins, you’ll need to sign-up as a business account after completing the viewer account to become a creator and create pins for your affiliate links. 


Switch to the business account

Affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog


Affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog

After signing up and creating your account, click on your profile logo from the top right corner; from there, you can easily switch between your personal and business performance.

After switching to your business account, you’ll have access to all your pins. You can create, publish and edit all your pins from this account.

It also allows you to keep track of views, conversions, and click of the outbound links that you have added on the pins.

Also, it will enable you to compare current month data with the previous data to compare the performance of your pins.


Create Pin

create pin on pinterest

The next step you’ve to do is click on the “create pin” icon that will appear on the top left side of the screen near the Pinterest icon.

You’ll be redirected to this page, and it’s the page from where you can set up and publish your affiliated Pin. Kindly read the below steps clearly and pay attention to them, please.



create pin on pinterest title


First of all, you have to enter the title of your Pin.

Note that the title must contain the keyword of your Pin on which it will rank on search engines and Pinterest searches as well. Therefore, choose a name related to your affiliate product so that you’ll get a targeted audience.



create pin on pinterest image

Now upload the thumbnail of the Pin just like I’ve done. Click on the thumbnail icon and select the picture you want to use as a thumbnail of your Pin.

Many networks already provide you with banners and images that are dedicatedly designed for the product you’ve chosen in affiliate products.

It will be best to select a banner image that your network has provided you as a thumbnail.



create pin on pinterest description

Now, write the description of your affiliate link. Make sure to make the description SEO optimized so that it will rank higher on search engines and Pinterest search results.

It’s effortless; write a short description of what the product is and what it does in a maximum of 30-40 words. Use some related keywords in the description to make it more SEO optimized.


Place affiliate link

create pin on pinterest affiliate link

Here comes the very last step. Place your affiliate link on the “Add the destination link” box. This will be the link where your visitors will be redirected to your affiliate link.

You’ll need to place your affiliate product link for which you’re creating that Pin.

Click on Publish

The very last step is to click on the publish button. You can see the “Publish Immediately” button to publish your Pin to the public on the extreme bottom middle of the screen.

Note that if you don’t click on the publish button and close the tab, all your work will be lost because there’s no auto-save draft feature on Pinterest.

I didn’t put another screenshot of the publishing method; you can take a look at the picture above.

Once the user clicks on your PIN, Pinterest will show him your affiliate link, and if he likes to click on it, he’ll land on your affiliate product. This is how you earn visitors to your affiliate product through Pinterest.


Affiliate Marketing Tips for Pinterest

Pinterest isn’t like your blog; you’re working on somebody else’s platform.

Therefore, they have some TOS for the creators who want to use this platform as an Affiliate Marketing source.

In fact, they’ve many strict guidelines and TOS that you’ll have to follow; otherwise, your account could be banned from Pinterest permanently.

Instead of reading a 7,000 words long TOS of Pinterest, I’ve mentioned some of the most important TOS of Pinterest that you should remember before creating pins. Rejection may cause a permanent ban of your account:


Use Affiliate Hashtags:

When you’re creating pins for your affiliate products and place the affiliate link on them, remember to use Hashtags that shows that the pins are created for affiliate marketing.

Pinterest may object and disable your Pin because you’ve told the exact reason for promoting the link, but it rarely happens.

It is not obligatory, but it may secure your account in case of any objection by Pinterest and shows the transparency of your account.

Don’t worry about the clicks and conversions if you use the hashtags. If people like the product, they’ll click on it.

You can sue hashtags such as #AffiliatePromotion, #PaidPromotion, #AffiliatePartner or any tag that shows you’re an affiliate for this product.


Follow Section 230 Regulations:

Pinterest is an American based internet company that works under the rules of section 230 created by US law.

Whether you’re from America or not, you’ve to create pins and work on Pinterest according to the section 230 regulations.

Otherwise, they’ll ban your account. For example, don’t use 18+ images, no offensive words, No copyrighted material and other things that you can read on the official website of FCCA.


Best tips to increase conversions of your Pins

Use SEO Optimization:

SEO plays a very important role in the rankings of your Pin. Moreover, it does help you rank your Pin in Pinterest’s search result and Google search results.

You’ll be amazed that Google and many other search engines fetch the SEO rankings from your Pin’s description and title.

All you’ve to do is write an SEO Optimized description and title of the Pin. Did you know Google usually ranks Pinterest Pins on the first pages of its search results?


Thumbnail is the key to get more conversions:

Just think for a second. The topic on which you’re creating your Pin, there’re already tons of different Pins available on the Pinterest that matches exactly with yours.

So why would a user only click on your Pin?

The answer lies behind the thumbnail. Your topic and even title could be the same, but your thumbnail should be attractive and eye-catching enough that the user should click on your Post.


Use Canva for free custom thumbnail:

You can either use Canva to design eye-catching custom thumbnails for your posts completely free.

However, you’ll need some basic skills and knowledge of graphic editing and thumbnail creation to create thumbnails on Canva.


Hire a professional graphic designer for your thumbnail:

If you don’t know anything about graphic or thumbnail creation, then you can use Fiverr to outsource and design your custom thumbnails for your Pins.

There’re tons of professional and highly skilled sellers available on Fiverr that can provide you with stunning, highly professional and attractive custom thumbnails for your pins.

However, it’s a paid method, but the results will be worth money.



Is it possible to start affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog? The short answer is yes.

But, if you want to take this seriously, you have to create a blog / website and have a complete digital marketing strategy behind it.

Sure it will take time and money, but in the long run, you will definitely succeed.

However, if you don’t want to bother yourself with all the business requirements; then, using Pinterest is one of the most popular and the easiest ways to earn money from affiliate marketing without investing in any money. 

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