Hi, I’m Mohammed Alaoui.

I graduated as an engineer in computer science many years ago and got a great job in a great city (the big dream Hein!). This made me so glad.

In the first five years of my 9-to-5 job, I was satisfied. I liked my job and had the opportunity to travel many times and practice some of my favorite hobbies.

But as the years come and go, I began to realize that something in my life was missing. I was not truly happy. Over those five years, my financial situation stayed the same, and although I wanted to move further in life, I felt held back by my bank account.

Knowing this, I started to search for a solution to increase my income, but I had no clue and did not have an entrepreneurial mindset. I read every business book I could and watched tons of YouTube videos about the subject. One day, I saw a video explaining a concept that everyone was, at the time, talking about. It was a video explaining E-commerce & Dropshipping.

“Wow, this is what I was looking for!” was what I said in my mind. A concept that allows you to start a business wherever you are, one that only requires you to have a computer, Wi-Fi connection, and the best part, you can start on a tiny budget. The good life 😉

Finally, I was able to reach financial freedom, living the lifestyle I wanted.

I saw hundreds of videos by “gurus” on YouTube. I felt I had finally covered everything about the subject—at least that’s what the “gurus” were saying.

I began my own online business, created my online store, picked some “winning” products, and ran some Facebook ads… I followed every step that these “gurus” said on YouTube and dreamed of financial freedom. For me, it was just a matter of time now.

Soon, I couldn’t believe what happened. I lost all my money and was back to the Zero point!! How is that! I wondered. “It is impossible. I followed every method and tactic that the gurus were explaining, and despite that, I failed!” were what I said to myself.

I was so upset and frustrated as I discovered that most of these “gurus” were scammers. They just wanted people to watch their videos on YouTube to level up their channel views. The majority of them were fake and were not even in the e-commerce area. Their business was generating views from YouTube and selling you some products and profiting from you.

I discovered that if I wanted to succeed in the “online business” area, I did not have to rely on Youtubers. YouTube is a great way to start, but I needed more than this information to win the game.

I had to dig deep in my small experience and figure out the missing part. Is it the website? The ads? The product?

I invested in real courses, not just YouTube videos. I studied for months, and I was finally able to point the weakness in my business. It was, in two words: Digital Marketing.

That’s it. I had no Digital Marketing strategy. I just followed the YouTube gurus.

Knowing the missing part, I began to read every book and invest in Digital Marketing courses, and getting some certifications in this area.

Eventually, I was able to see the whole picture and figure out how things worked in the Digital World. And I loved it.

I loved it so much that my goals changed. I started a Digital Marketing Agency to help local businesses grow online. Also, I began to teach, sharing my experience in some local events. Now, I want to spread my knowledge to the entire world—this is my vision.

I want everybody to learn Digital Marketing the right and realistic way, not following the Fake Gurus. This is why I created this  website and why I’m sharing this informations on my blog.

In my website, I will take you through a complete Digital Marketing journey in a very simple way.

Now, it is your time to Seduce customers, Explode your sales and Reach Financial Freedom.

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